Polar Bears Day Five

November 01, 2012 at 12:38 AM

Polar Bear Photo Tour - Day Five - Roads & Tracks Churchill

Hello from snowy and windy Churchill  ... that’s right you read it Churchill, by this time we should have been back in Winnipeg, but due to a fast moving blizzard and high winds all flight this evening were cancelled.  So we have one more night in the land of the polar bears.  If all goes well and we can fly out by mid day tomorrow we can get the group home via Toronto later in the afternoon.  Due to so much weather disruptions from storms in the east and late flight changes I will be staying in Winnipeg for one more day and not flying home until Friday.  All is good though, we have rooms back at the Aurora Inn, and we will wait out the storm.

We did have a fun day today, we spent it exploring and photographing in and around Churchill, visiting the Eskimo museum, Cape Merry and dog sledding.  So despite the weather that moved in this afternoon we had a great day.

Everyone is settling in for the evening and I won’t be far behind them once I post todays blog and images.  Below are a few shots from today.  Good night from Windy Churchill.

James and the Photo Tour Trekkers ....


As we checked out the roads and tracks this morning, this Arctic Fox watched on with great curiousity from across the harbour.  Thanks Randy VanHooren for this image.


On a tour of the Eskimo Museum, it is a great place to see and learn about the Eskimo and thier history.


Eskimo art carved from Caribou bone.


More Eskimo Art.


Eye of a stuffed Bison, on display inside the museum.


Churchill harbour, this is the last of the ships for the season, picking up prarrie wheat and grain.


The Graham Bell an old ship wreck run a ground in the harbour.


Cape Merry today, we walked with our two Parks Canada guides right out to the point.


Another shot at Cape Merry today, you can see the fort on the other side of the river.


This afternoon we went out to Dave Daily's dog sled kennels, it was great fun.


The dogs getting ready for their run.


Lorna and Dave getting ready to go, Steve is also waiting to see them off.


Here's Dave and Lorna out on the trail.


Come on in and warm up in the teepee, the fire a blazing


Steve feeding a Whiskey Jack!!!


Hold out the bread and they will come right to your hand.


I held out my hand and camera in the other and snapped just as he took flight.


Lorna feeding the Whiskey Jack's ...


Here's a shot of Randy and Wendy as the did their dog sled ride around the track.


A closer shot of the dog sledders.  it was great fun and just a light falling of snow.


We also visited the Parks Canada Churchill interperative centre at the train station.  This made for a great shot just outside.


Ever wonder what a sow and her babies looked like in thier den!!!


A bear was caught just outside Gypsie's the diner we had all our meals at.  You can see the bear paw prints still on the wall!  This gives you an idea of thier height.


Of course we had to wrap with a couple of Halloween images.  Thanks Wendy for the cool hats!!!


Steve and a couple of the staff getting into the Halloween spirit.

That's it for this evening folks, keep your fingers crossed we will ge getting out as scheduled tomorrow morning.  Good night from Churchill.


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Posted by Paul on
Wow what a day ... safe trip home, and I could think of worse places to have to stay an extra day.

Posted by Bill & Deb on
It was great following this trip. You seemed to have the full range of weather and always great photo opportunities. Wishing everyone a safe trip home.
Posted by Elizabeth Cowie on
Great pictures, James you are much braver then me with the birds. haha Luv, Mom
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