Queen Charlotte Islands Blog July 8, 2014

July 09, 2014 at 2:05 AM

Tuesday July 8th, 2014 arrived in Haida Gwaii

After three flights the group has arrived in Haida Gwaii, which was previously called Queen Charlotte Islands. We arrived to a beautiful afternoon and had just enough time to do a quick look around the area near our hotel.  We will be spending our week photographing various locations around the islands with the help from our local guide Dick Bellis. Dick is a Haida native and has spent his entire life on the islands.

After dinner we explored a little of the coastline and had a few bald eagle sightings. It has been a long day so we all have tucked in early this evening.  Tomorrow we will be visiting Old Masset which is located at the tip of the islands. 

Here are a few images from our travel day. Good night from all the photographers on Haida Gwaii Islands, British Columbia.

Rocky Mountains as we approached Vancouver.


Haida Gwaii is located 732 kms from Vancouver, some of the islands along the coast.


View our ferry as we sailed from Sandspit port to Queen Charlotte port.


Nancy capturing some of her first shots of the trek.


Wes, Harold and Ron. Not sure if they are checking the scenery or navigating!


Jerry in the foreground, the mounts of Haida Gwaii in the background.


The sleeping princess .... can you see her?


This Bald Eagle was checking out the shoreline this evening.


This one of the eagle was captured by Ryan this evening.


Dick Bellis our guide, with his grand daughters, today was Dick’s 46th, wedding anniversary. Congratulations Dick to you and your wife.


One of Dick’s grand daughters signing for us this evening.


Two of the gals from the Ocean View Restaurant. This is were we will be eating most of our meals while visiting the island.


Bill and Harold trying to be a human totem pole this evening at the beach.


A panoramic of the shoreline. BTW this is the view from our hotel.


Time to get some sleep, a busy day of photography is planned for tomorrow. Good night from the trekkers on Haida Gwaii.


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Posted by Gail Steer on
Looks like it is going to be a great trip!
Stunning pics of the bald eagle!
Posted by Suzanne Kinart on
Keep an eye on Bill and Harold. They can misbehave!!!!
Posted by June on
Awesome pictures!
Posted by Don Kingsbury on
Good picture Ryan. Have a good time, Papa
Posted by Shari Scarpelli on
Looks like they are having a great time!! Cannot wait to see more pictures!! Have fun!!
Posted by Michelle Rondeau on
Glad to see you all having such a great time. Helloooo to everyone.
Posted by Brenda Fee-Perkins on
Hey Jerry, good to see you out photographing the world. Have a blast!
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