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July 12, 2014 at 3:18 AM

Friday July 11th, 2014

Port Clement, Cedar Tree Forest and Ancient Haida Canoe

 We can’t say enough about how great the weather has been here in Haida Gwaii. Even the residents of the island are telling us this has been the longest warm and dry stretch they have had for a while. The average temperature this time of year is 15 to 16C and to day it was 25C and the best part no humidity, just a nice ocean breeze. 

Today we had photo shoots in the Cedar Tree Forest near Port Clement and the Ancient Haida Canoe.  The Canoe can be found deep in a forest near Port Clement and is usually on found by local guides as it is off the beaten path. 

With so much time spent in the forest today, we did not get all the way up to Old Masset so we will be visiting the ancient totem poles and the Old Village tomorrow. Below are a selection of images from todays trek. Good night from a very warm Haida Gwaii.

Wes looking for whales on the coastal beach this morning.


Danny, Nancy and Ryan walking along the white beach, this morning was low tide.


Harold capturing a few more eagle shots.


Wes demonstrating his technique for attracting bald eagles.


I think he is just as surprised that it worked. Nice job Wes.


A very curious mother deer.


Mother and her young heading up the hill to safe ground.


Many beautiful images to be found in the spruce forest.


This gives you an idea of the size of some of the tree stumps. Thanks Nancy.


Harold crawling out of the centre of one of the giant trees here in the forest.


Look up .... way up!


This is looking up inside the giant tree.


Nancy and our Haida guide Dick.


Beautiful reflections on the river.


One of the forest trails, it was so quite out here today.


Ryan counting the rings on this fallen tree.


Fern in the light.


Dick, Ron and Jerry taking a rest along the trail this morning.


Wes and Bill on the trail.


The soft moss and moss floor made for some great exposures.


Another shot as we approached the Ancient Canoe.


This is an approximately 150 year old dug out canoe. As near as historians figure small pox hit the island and this was abandoned only to be found again about 10 years ago on this remote forest floor.


Another angle of the canoe. The tree would have been knocked down deep in the forest then fashioned out to become a canoe.


The Rainbow Boardwalk near Port Clements.


Harold taking a break after a long walk onto the pier.


Ryan jumping in the water for an afternoon dip!


Another bald eagle close to our hotel this evening.


A group shot taken in the Spruce Forest today.


That’s a wrap for todays blog. Be sure to check back tomorrow for some more interesting photo opportunities, and don’t forget to leave a comment we love to hear from you as we travel.


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Posted by Gail Steer on
Wish we had come with you.
Liked the pic of Wes with the incoming eagle and of course the deer!
You know me James, the wildlife photographer, right?
Posted by June on
Wow! Some beautiful pictures! Looks like you guys are having a blast!
Posted by Patti on
Looks like more great nature shots. Love the Look Way Up shot.
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