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July 14, 2014 at 1:50 AM

Sunday July 13th, 2014

Balance Rock, Zodiac Ride and Bears

Another busy day and warm day here in Haida Gwaii.  We spent some time this morning photographing along the shoreline at Balance Rock, then this afternoon we took a tour along the inlets between the islands by zodiac via Haida Style Expeditions. James Cowpar and his crew did a great job.

While we were out crossing between the islands via an inlet passage we came across a black bear and her cub. It was great to see them close by the water. Unfortunately it was right at the rough channel which made it difficult to keep the boat still for photos. I’ve included a couple in the blog. Thanks Danny for the great eyes spotting the bears as we entered the channel. 

Tomorrow we will be spending time visiting the Haida Cultural Centre and exploring a little more of the island as we wind down with our last day on the island.  Here are a few photos from todays experiences.

This is Balance Rock, Anna is in the foreground of the shot. You had to be very careful as the tide was out and the rocks were very slippery.  Yours truly is boasting a scrapped elbow and bruised knee.


Another view of Balance Rock. 


A colourful star fish ... many photo opportunities as we walked along the rocks.


This star fish was on the move. If you look closely you can see eagle prints as they check out this beautiful creature.


Red star fish in a small pool of water.




Crab waiting for the tide to come in. The tide comes in very quickly and the water rises 3 feet during high tide.


Another star fish working his way into the oncoming tide.


Bill holding up balance rock. At least we let him think he was! Nice work Bill.


Getting ready to head out on our zodiac this afternoon.


As we reached the western inlet we got to see this giant wave of fog moving in. The combination of moisture, warm air and cold winds coming from the ocean side created this fast moving wall of fog. By the way after this passage next stop Japan.


A totem pole on one of the islands, carved by our guide Haida Dick Bellis.


You can see were the trees have been cut from logging on this ridge.


This is a natural mud slide, if you look in the bottom right those big tree limbs are blocking the logging road.


Here’s another view of the fog bank that was moving in this afternoon.


This is the mother bear we saw this afternoon, she was with her cub.


As we made another pass she ran up the shoreline.


South shore logging camp.


The ferry that connects the two islands.


We encountered these Pigeon Guillemots near Indian Head Rock today.


Our final image of this evening is the Haida Cultural Centre, we will be spending some time here tomorrow.


That’s a warp for this evening, good night from Haida Gwaii.


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Posted by Michelle Rondeau on
James, what GREAT!! shots. Thank you so much for posting them, along with the blog. Safe journey home, everyone.
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