Italy Photo Tour Blog September 21 and 22

September 21, 2014 at 8:23 PM

September 20th and 21st, 2014 Rome and Vatican City

We have been enjoying the many beautiful photo opportunities that Rome has had to offer. The colosseum, and many of the the surrounding ancient ruins, Piazza Navona, and the many Basilicas. The weather has been beautiful most days reaching 28C.

No tour to Rome would be complete without a visit to Vatican City and of course the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica.  What an amazing experience to tour the Vatican and to get about twenty minutes of quite time to study the beauty of the fresco’s on the walls and roof of the Sistine Chapel.We will now be departing Rome to begin our visit to the Tuscany region, our first stop is Siena, then on to the walled city of Lucca for the next five nights.

Enjoy the selection of images from our first couple of days in Rome.  Good night from all the Trekkers in Italy.

Early morning on the streets of Rome, somewhere near our hotel


 Relaxing on the steps in Rome


Dan and Joyce walk on the Appian Way Rome


Some of the many ancient ruins on Appian Way


James and Vicky reflecting on our first day in Rome


Mars Temple


Afternoon game of cards on the city steps


There are over 230 churches in Rome


The Basilica near Mars Temple, looking up at the dome, amazing.


One of the side alters at the Basilica


Another huge Basilica near the war monument


This was shot from the roof of the Monument to the unknown soldier. The dome on the left of the Photo is
St Peter’s Basilica and Vatican City in the foreground.


Looking forward from the same rooftop you can see the square. The red brick complex on the left of the photo was Mussolini’s complex and were he used to live.


The roman colosseum, it was just a great experience to stand there and soak in the history.


An HDR B&W under the colosseum

Karen and Anne Marie capturing a few images.


Bill and Marg posing outside on one of the colosseum balcony’s


Interesting Trees near the colosseum


Check out the size of these columns 


The Tomb of the unknown soldier


The light show at Mars Temple


Welcome to the Vatican


The art pieces in the Vatican were beautiful.


One of the many long corridors used for artifacts int the Vatican


Almost very room in the Vatican has beautiful paintings on the ceilings.


Stained glass in one of the Vatican museums


In the back gardens at the Vatican


One of two major court yards at the Vatican


Raphael rooms at the Vatican


Roof of the Sistine Chapel, what an experience to see


St Peter’s Basilica 


Outside the Basilica, the papal apartments can be seen, this is where the popes gives his sunday message.


In one of the squares this little girl is amazed by busker and his illusion


Dan and Joyce discussing directions


And one final shot tonight as we passed a store with may interesting wood work for sale. This ones for you Bill Pickering!!!!


That’s it for tonights edition. Sorry for being off to a slow start this tour. A very busy schedule and slow internet have caused a few difficulties. Good night from Italy.


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Posted by Nancy Anne on
I was looking for shots of gladiators at the colosseum!!
What a great place and the weather looks good, carpe diem everyone!
Posted by Mike and Dan on
Great shots; enjoy the journey south and all the pasta and wine to come!!
Posted by Jane on
Great shots, amazing opportunities! Brings back wonderful memories. Keep up the great work, and keep them coming!! Enjoy the journey!
Posted by Nancy on
Looks like good times already....enjoy the adventure!
Posted by Shari on
Wow, great shots. Appian Way looks beautiful. These bring back so many memories of my quick trip to Rome. Need another.
Looking forward to tomorrow.
Posted by Carol on
Thanks for sharing. It would take me forever to soak in all of that beautiful art. Just beautiful. Enjoy the next phase of this amazing tour.
Posted by Connie on
Glad you are having great weather to be out and about getting great shots!
Posted by Judy on
Awesome pictures
Just beautiful, a must to visit .
Thank you.
Posted by Michelle Rondeau on
James, your pictures are stunning!
Posted by DOREEN on
Really enjoying the photos of all of the places that you visiting. Happy memories of Rome. Thank you for sharing.
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