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September 25, 2014 at 12:29 PM

September 24th 2014 Cinque Terre

We were without a good internet connection last night so posting a few hours late.

A beautiful day was spent photographing Cinque Terre. The series of villages that make up Cinque Terre is a rugged portion of coast on the Italian Riviera, located in the Liguria region of Italy. The Five Lands in Italian Cinque Terre is comprised of five villages, Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore. The coastline, the five villages, and the surrounding hillsides are all part of the Cinque Terre National Park and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Pathways, trains and boats connect the villages, cars cannot reach them from the outside.

We started our day of photography by departing La Spezia by boat and sailing to the furthermost city Monterosso. This gave us opportunity to photograph from the coastline and see the villages from the ocean. After reaching Monterosso we then visited the different villages connecting by Train. It was a great day of both photography and visiting some of the cafes enjoying the local fare.

Enjoy the selections of images from Cinque Terre.

Some of the ships in the harbour as we sailed out of La Spezia this morning


Some of the Italian Nave is docked here, notice all the homes on the hillside


A 3 mast ship anchored just outside of La Spezia port


The entrance to La Spezia port


Riomaggiore as we sailed past


One of the many interesting hillside homes in Riomaggiore


A small fishing boat anchored close to Riomaggiore harbour


Some strong waves hitting the shoreline


Another shot as we approached the shore


Pulling into the port at Monterosso


This is why they call this region the Italian Riviera


Marg and Sandra as we head to the train station


A little soccer down by the beach, Bill said he’d play goal


Down by the shoreline of Vernazza


The Port of Riomaggiore


Catching a few reflections, thanks for cleaning your sun glasses Brian! Mary and James in Pic


An artist working on the streets in Riomaggiore


Looking down into the Marina and HDR shot in Riomaggiore


Another artist working on a piece down at the docks at Riomaggiore


Some pretty amazing experiences today in Cinque Terre. Tomorrow Lucca Markets, the mountain top village of Borga and a visit to devil’s bridge. More to come from all the Trekkers enjoying the Tuscany countryside.


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Posted by Connie on
Oh wow...unique and beautiful things everywhere you look...
Posted by Shari on
Lovely. Takes your breath away. Cinque Terre is so lovely. Great photos. Nice to see the views from the boat.
Looks like you are enjoying beautiful weather.
Keep them pictures coming.
Posted by Nora White on
Wow! Wow! Wow! So many breath-taking views that the group is enjoying and capturing with their cameras. The entrance to La Spezia Port photo looks very much like a sandcastle. The homes on the hillsides AMAZING and so colourful1 No wonder there are so many artists. They see the beauty and have to capture it on their canvas. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos - look forward to them each day!
Nora White
Posted by Cher836 on
These are all stunning locations and photos. It certainly makes me want to add these locations to my bucket list. Beautiful!
Posted by Karen on
I'm really enjoying visiting all these wonderful places, through the amazing photography. Enjoy the rest of the tour!!
Posted by Nora White on
George Clooney and his fiancee are arriving in Venice today (Friday). They are getting married on Monday and I notice that the tour will be in Venice on Monday for a few days. Word is that they are getting married at Cavalli Palace. Apparently they are staying at the Cipriani Hotel on an island opposite St. Mark's Square. Keep your eyes peeled - you never know if you might see them wandering around Venice! Maybe even get a picture with him.............hubba hubba hubba :-)
Posted by Nancy on
I am really enjoying the blog....what a beautiful location!
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