Uganda Blog Day 2, 3 and 4

August 18, 2018 at 6:55 PM

2018 08 14 - 2018 08 15 - 2018 08 16

Uganda ... Murchison Falls, AM, PM Game Drives & Chimpanzees


Our Uganda safari experiences have been amazing so far ... internet connections not so and thus the delays in posting to the blog. Today we have shared images from the next couple of days and we will do the same tomorrow to catch up. 

We started at 6 a.m. out for our first game drive and witnessed a spectacular sunrise and had many opportunities as the animals and birds became active for the day. In all my trips to Africa I’ve never seen as many elephants as I did on our drive this morning. The River Nile and Lake Albert being so close the elephants and other animals head towards the waters. 

After lunch we headed to the River Nile and had an afternoon river cruise up the Nile ending at the base of Murchison Falls where we had hiked the previous day. A great afternoon with many photo opportunities of elephants, hippos, storks, crocodiles, and many species of birds.  In the evening a game drive as we headed back to our lodge as we are staying in the middle of the national park. The following morning we departed for the crater lake region. Tonight we will be staying at Primate Lodge in Queen Elizabeth National Park sleeping in the same woods as the chimpanzees. Enjoy the selection of images from our first three days. More updates tomorrow as we are now in the mountains on gorilla safari. Enjoy the selection of images by clicking on the gallery link below. 

Link to Gallery



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Posted by Jo-Anne on
Beautiful photos. Its almost like being there. Thanks for sharing.
Posted by Anita on
These are amazing photographs.....Wendy, my trip wasn’t quite like this but I’m so happy to share in yours....can’t wait to see more
Posted by Liz Noyle on
Absolutely amazing photos !!!!
Can't wait for more !!!! Enjoy and keep 'em coming !
Posted by Dave Chidley on
All I can say is WOW
Posted by Leif Petersen on
Great shots! Keep 'em coming!
Posted by Janice Weightman on
Looks like a fabulous trip! Great photos!
Posted by Deborah Lynne Phibbs on
Brings back great memories - wonderful pictures
Posted by Karen DeJong on
This type of trek may have to go on my Bucket List....... can't believe how close everyone is to the animals. There are some amazing photos and again.....glad to see my friend, Deb, in the thick of things! Thanks for sharing !
Posted by Michele Lavigne on
WOW!! The pictures are absolutely stunning. The birds are absolutely spectacular and the wildebeest fascinating. Yay Wendy! What an adventure. Wish I was there! :-)
Posted by Linda Khanna on
WOW! These chimps look just like humans. You've captured them in their wild, natural, curious state. WAsn't sure why the one had all the pink patches of skin. WAs he in a fight? Love your bee eaters. I took one in Sri Lanka and framed it in my cottage. Was enjoying it significantly, until I saw yours, LOL. Can't wait to see tomorrow's shots.
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