Vietnam & Cambodia April 10 2014

April 10, 2014 at 10:48 AM

Thursday April 10th - Floating Markets Can Tho, Vietnam

Early this morning we boarded a small boat and took the 45 minute drive from the river front at our hotel to the floating markets of Can Tho. This is a great place to photograph the busy morning activities of the market. The venders are selling to the locals that come upside the bigger market boats. If you look closely in some of the images you will see a bamboo pole on the side of the market boats, and on the top of the pole you will see a sample of what they are selling. If it is pineapple then it’s a pineapple if it’s ginger root then it’s the root. We have a great morning moving in and around the busy market.

We had some time before leaving the floating market to board a pineapple boat and sample some of the local fruit and get a birds eye view of the market. The pineapple was very juicy and refreshing on a warm morning.

After breakfast and freshening up we departed for Ho Chi Minh City, arriving here around 4:00 p.m. this afternoon. We had some free time to relax this afternoon before heading out into the city this evening for dinner. Tomorrow we will spend the morning visiting the markets and the famous post office of Siagon. 

Below are a series of images from the floating markets today. Good Night from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Pool reflections at our hotel this morning as we waited for our boat.


Flooded Lao Island


The suspension bridge rises up over the back of Lao Island


Morning wash up, near the floating market


Fisherman setting out his nets


Another type of fishing ... throwing out the nets


Setting out more nets


Morning chores on the river


One more happy fisherman


Tossing pumpkins, Can Tho floating market


Take your baby to market day ...


Time for something to eat before I continue shopping ...


Would you like to purchase ginger in bulk?


Cutting up fresh pineapple.


Danny enjoying some fresh pineapple at the market this morning


Claudia enjoying the same, with the markets in the background


A bird's eye view of the markets from the pineapple boat


New boats waiting to be delivered!


This is much easier at high tide!


Fisherman collecting mussels


Morning wash up, all happening around the floating markets


The buildings here in Vietnam are long and narrow and can be many stories


River taxi


Panoramic shot of the Can Tho floating market, quite amazing


That's it for this evenings blog. We hope you have enjoyed todays photos. Tomorrow photography around the city and in the evening a tour and night on the town via motor bikes. Good night from James and the Photo Tour Trekkers in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.  


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