Vietnam & Cambodia April 11 2014

April 11, 2014 at 12:30 PM

Friday April 11th, 2014 - Ho Chi Minh City and the Markets

Ho Chi Minh City .... a very busy city and many photos to capture. We started this morning with a photo shoot with my friend Anthony Plus and the camera club here in the city. It was great to meet some of the local club photographers and have fun shooting a few images with a model in traditional costume.

We also spent time taking some photos in the post office and the cathedral. Later in the morning we went into the downtown district to visit the markets and then drove into the Chinese district and visited the Chinese Wholesale Market. You name it and want to buy in bulk this is the place to do it. We then wrapped up this morning my a walk around some of the busy streets that surround the market. We had some free time this afternoon to escape the heat and relax before heading out this evening for a trek around the city via Vespa Bikes, places to eat, drink and enjoy music, as this evenings fun.  

Tomorrow we will be spending time visiting the the children similar to what we did last time with the first group when we visiting Ho Chi Minh City. This time we will be taking snacks and other treats to the children. 

Enjoy the images from todays experiences and good night from Ho Chi Minh City.

James and Anthony Plus this morning when we joined the Ho Chi Minh City camera club for a photo shoot outside the post office.


Our model Vy posing near the famous post office


Danny and Lois working on a few shots


A very beautiful young lady, thanks for your help Vy


I'm ready for my close-up


Many wedding photos are shot at the Notre Dame Cathedral across from the post office. This usually happens about one month before the wedding.


This is what I call a well balanced diet!


Inside the Cathedral


Many things happening today, a group where making a movie in the square


You have to love this place, all of a sudden these girls got out of a van and started jumping and cheering on the sidewalk. Made for a great photo opportunity.


Then we visited the markets ... have you ever seen this much material?


This guy was laying in the same place 6 weeks ago when I was here with the first group!


This man was selling dried shrimp


Drive through beer store ...


Vietnam herbal pharmacy


Time out of shooting for a cold drink at a street side vendor


All lined up and ready to hit the city streets, it was a fun night!


Lois having fun


This does not mean a thing because 10 across can easily fit in three lanes!


Joyce on the open road ...


Dan is close behind


Danny having fun too 


See what I mean about this 3 lane - 10 across business!


Frogs legs was one of our courses at dinner tonight


Vietnam pancakes


Danny wrapping his ingredients


Heading back to our hotel after a fun evening. Say good night Claudia!


We hope you enjoyed tonights photos. Good night from Ho Chi Minh City.


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Posted by carol cooley on
absolutely enjoyed these great images. Loos like you are all having a blast. Thank you for sharing.
Posted by Patti on
I wonder if that guy has gone home at all in the weeks since we saw him. LOL
Posted by Gail Nichol on
James, I can't believe that the guy is still sleeping in the same spot !!!! HAHAHAHAHA. We know who does the work there.
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