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April 24, 2015 at 12:57 PM

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Mekong Delta Can Tho Floating Markets - April 24th, 2015

Today we photographed the floating markets in Can Tho and it was an amazing experience. This is a wholesale market where the farmers can travel up to 10 hours from their homes to sell their fresh fruits and vegetables to retailers. It is a very busy place with many boats large and small. If you look closely at some of the images you will see a pole high above the boats. This pole has the type of fruit or vegetable tied to the top so people will know what they are selling.

After the markets we left Can Tho to make our way back up out of the delta region towards Ho Chi Minh City. We photographed at Turtle and Co-co nut islands enroute.

The city is a bee hive of activity as they prepare to celebrate 40 years since the re-unification of the north and south. Many lights at night and concerts. We will post more about that tomorrow evening as we are going out on a Vespa by night tour of the city.

Enjoy the images from today and a few shots by Tammy of the decorative lights that are illuminated at night for the Unification Celebration.

Allan getting some bug spray before we hit the water this morning


Marion and Gweneth making a fashion statement with hats.


Out on the river heading towards the floating markets.


Big and small boats on the river, you will notice they all have eyes on the front.


A smaller merchant heading to the market.


People who live along the river use this method to get water.


Not all work on the river has to be hard, they can be time for relaxing.


Logging mill on the river.


Some of the first market boats, notice the pole advertising the items for sale.


Another shot of the pole advertising what’s for sale.


More fruit and veggies than you have ever seen.


Some of the best tasting water mellon I’ve ever had is here in Vietnam.


Loading up her purchase.


More pineapples .....


We climbed up onto this boat where this lady cut up some refreshing pineapple. It was great!


Boats as far as your eye can see.


This is how they load the fruit into the smaller boats.


Look at how many bricks this guy is carrying as they unload this barge.


Sugar cane being delivered down river.


Fisherman on the river, this net scoops the fish as they drive upstream.


Nets now dropped into the river and the fish swim into them.


The cargo hold is full to the brim.


More water mellon.


A panoramic view of the markets from the pineapple boat.


Floating service station.


Beautiful flowers with the pool as a backdrop.


This is the Victoria Can Tho where we stayed while in the delta.


These final three night images are by Tammy Beveridge as we arrived into Ho Chi Minh City. All the lights are in celebration of the 40 year anniversary since re-unification.


Bikers at night here in Ho Chi Minh City. Nice work Tammy.


More of the beautiful lights. Thanks again Tammy, it's great to see and share your work.


That’s a wrap for this evening. Tomorrow we will be photographing in various regions of the city. Good night from all the Trekkers in Vietnam.


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Posted by Michelle Rondeau on
Great shots and blog! Would like to be able to taste the watermelon and the pineapple. Love those boats! Enjoying following and I'm glad you're enjoying your fun adventures.
Posted by Paula Stewart on
WOW! What an amazing trip and opportunity to capture so many colours and sights ! I feel like I am there with you. Auntie M you look so vibrant and beautiful ; travelling agrees with you . Cant wait to see your pics when you get home :):) xoxox
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