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February 22, 2014 at 2:21 PM

Vietnam & Cambodia Tour
Saturday Feb 22, 2014.

We spent the day visiting and photographing at a variety of locations in Hanoi. Our first photo shoot at 7:00 a.m. was the Hanoi flower market. Merchants and shoppers come from all over the region to purchase their flowers. They load up their motor bikes, bicycles and baskets and sell them throughout the city on the streets and in shops. The weather conditions this morning were overcast with a light mist which made for brilliant colours. As with everything here is was busy and we enjoyed capturing the activity.

After breakfast we visited the mausoleum of Ho Chi Minh, the gardens and his former residence, which is located within a beautiful park setting. Later in the day we revisited the old quarter of the city via electric cars. It was a great experience and an amazing way to experience street after street of the different style merchants. We went from sections that sold food, to herbal medicines, to hardware and household items, toys and clothing. Most of the merchants live in the back and the upper floors of their shops, which means life just happens before you on the strep. People visiting, drinking tea, cooking something to eat. It is a very unique culture.

This evening we went out to dinner at a place called Pots n’ Pans. We were treated to a delicious 5 course meal complete with Vietnamese coffee.

Tomorrow we depart from Hanoi and head to Halong Bay. We will spend overnight cruising on the bay. Please note we will not have access to internet on the ship so there will be no post tomorrow, but a double post the following day when we arrive in Hue.

Enjoy the images from our day in Hanoi.

A selection of roses in many beautiful colours.

Wendy keeping off the light rain we had this morning while visiting the flower market.

Another merchant selling roses, the mask not only helps from exhaust fumes but keeps out the cold. This is beautiful weather to us, but cold to Vietnamese people.

Another beautiful display of flowers.

Baskets loaded with sunflowers and ready for a day of selling within the city.

Ann taking a photo of a girl wrapping up some flowers, Patti in the background.

You could also pick out made up arrangements.

The colour and beauty was everywhere. These orchids gave off a beautiful colour.

Heading home with their purchases.

Another street vendor heading into the center of town.

This lady was selling vegetables. Image by Patti Hinton.

Another beautiful shot by Patti Hinton from the market.

Patti captured this image in the old quarter downtown.

Romance is alive and kicking, Wes giving his wonderful wife Anna a rose.

Evelyn at the mausoleum of Ho Chi Minh

Marg photographing this young man at Ho Chi Minh’s mausoleum.

He was cute and gave us a salute.

Marg and Shirley as we visited the stilted home of Ho Chi Minh.

Bird in the jasmine, we are still identifying him ... her. 

Changing of the guards at Ho Chi Minh mausoleum.

These two girls let me take their photograph, at the lake within the park where Ho Chi Minh lived.

Fresh fruit can be very refreshing.

These young men where sketching at the temple of literature.

These images were shot at the temple of literature. The children are receiving a blessing for good luck on their upcoming University exams.

Each student would light an incense as they made their wish.

This is the master of the Literature and presented each student with his calligraphy.

One of the Buddah in the temple.

Some of the flowers within the temple.

Marg capturing a few images of the temple.

This little girl was waiting for her brother to take a photo of their parents.

Chinese Checkers at one of the temples we visited today.

The girls purchase designer face masks, a shame to cover up such beauty.

Basket salesmen on the streets. Image by Paul Garner.

Girls having something to eat. Image by Paul Garner.

A lady selling her wares on the street. Image by Paul Garner.

This was one of the singers at the show we went to see last evening.

This little boy was busy taking photos of his Parents.

Ann and Michael trying the local beer before we had at lunch.

A great shot of Kathy and Cynthia, this is their first tour with Trekkers and I’m please they joined us. It’s been great fun so far and it’s only day 2!

I’m not even sure what we were talking about, but Cynthia and I seem to be pretty sure on our points. Image by Patti Hinton.

This gentleman was burning money at one of the temples we visiting to pass on to loved ones in an afterlife. You can purchase made up money just for this purpose.

A very colourful trip through the old quarter. Kathy, Patti and Meg. Where’s my sunglasses!

That is it for this evenings photographs and blog post. Don’t forget we will not have a post tomorrow evening as we will be on the cruse ship on Halong Bay. Good night from James and the Photo Tour Trekkers in Vietnam.


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Posted by Ray Collins on
The "Bird in the Jasmine" is most likely an Oriental White-eye (Zosterops palpebrosus).
Posted by Shari on
The flowers were gorgeous. Love those designer masks. I would bet you girls could start a new fashion here.
Posted by Gail Steer on
Hi Everyone
Really enjoyed your pics! Felt like we were there with you!
Gail, I would have picked the same mask! Great masks too!
Posted by Jackie on
Cynthia and Kathy,

Love your photo....looks like fun!

Love Jackie
Posted by Jackie on
Cynthia and Kathy,

Love your photo....looks like fun!

Love Jackie
Posted by Connie on
Oh, wish I was there. Such a fascinating place!
Posted by David Chidley on
Looking good! James, I can't wait to see more Saturation photos from Hue! Just no more masking your photos. Ohhhhhh you miss me don't you.
Posted by Anita on
Hey Wendy, first chance I've had to view the blog....absolutely amazing...great shots, and love the captions ;) ..hugs Anita
Posted by Deborah Phibbs on
Wendy - Looks beautiful. Love the flowers. Don't hurry home - the Olympics are over and it's cold and snowy!
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