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March 02, 2014 at 3:54 PM

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Sunday Mar 02, 2014

Family picnic today in Ho Chi Minh City. Our photographers had a chance to meet some of the families, children and volunteers at the Thuy’s Dream Foundation that we are working with here in Vietnam. The foundation was created by a young lady by the name of Le Thanh Thuy. Nicknamed “sunflower” because of her bright personality and her ability to stay positive. despite three separate surgeries which included amputating her leg and part of her hip. Her main desire was to bring joy to the other children on the pediatric oncology ward at Ho Chi Minh City’s Cancer Hospital. Sadly she passed away on November 2nd 2007 just a few weeks shy of her 20th birthday.

Thuy which is pronounced Twee could be found in the hospital hallways organizing fundraisers for the patients who’s parents could not afford treatment, toy drives for the other children and then inspired thousands of people from the writings in her blog. Eventually her good work paid off and Thuy’s Dream program was created in her honour. It was a privilege to introduce the group to Miss Oanh who helps administrate the foundation, her team of volunteers and the families and children they assist. Also a special thanks to Xuan Nguyen who co-ordinated the event for me, and made it all happen. Your passion for the children and the cause is amazing.

We wrapped up the day with a dinner cruise on the Siagon River via Bonsai River Cruises. It was a great night of food, fun and entertainment. Even a little dancing. Tomorrow we depart Vietnam for the last leg of our journey in Cambodia. Enjoy today’s photographs it has been a great day. Good night from Ho Chi Minh City.

Ly puts on a wrist band on Gail.

Ly busy handing out a wrist band to Patti ... it reads Thuy’s Dream - Our Dream.

Xaun with one of the children who joined us today for the picnic. The children made sunflowers for all our guests. Xuan worked very hard on this end to co-ordinate the event with me in Canada prior to our tour.

Bill and Marg posing with their sunflowers.

Some of the volunteers helping to get things ready for pour picnic.

One of the foundation volunteers with one of the children and Meg.

Xuan welcoming everyone to our family picnic.

It did not take long for everyone to have some fun.

Xuan talking a little about the foundation.

We used an inside shaded area to keep cool.

Lunch time.

We had plenty of Canadian flags for the children.

Xuan and Miss Oanh.

Xuan, Miss Oanh and myself take a few minutes for photos. I’m very proud to know you.

Some of the families at today’s picnic. Image by Patti Hinton.

Xuan talking about the book that was written after Thuy passed away called Just on more day. Thuy become well known for her blog and talking about her passion for giving the children a better way of life when having treatments. The book is a recount of her blog and her thoughts of dealing with cancer. We gave a copy to each of our guests. Image by Patti Hinton.

Looking pretty cool on a hot day. Image by Patti Hinton.

This is what it’s all about. Image by Patti Hinton.

Meg and one of the children playing games at the table. Image by Patti Hinton.

Xuan writing her best wishes in one of our guests books. Image by Patti Hinton.

The t-shirt says it all ... image by Patti Hinton.

Patti talking to Ly. Her English was excellent. Image by Paul Garner.

Ly having fun with Shirley.

Ly trying her hand at taking some close up photography. Image by Paul Garner.

Another smiling face, having fun at the picnic. Image by Paul Garner.

Leaving for our dinner cruise, what time is it Kathy? ... time you got a new watch!

Ho Chi Minh City at night.

Another city view.

From the front of our boat.

Marg joined in for some of the dancing.

Another city view. It was hard to eat; you were up and down so often taking photos.

One of the entertainers tonight playing a bamboo instrument.

Cynthia and Kathy having fun.

I said there was a little dancing.

That’s it for this evening. Good night from Vietnam.


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Posted by Shari on
So many wonderful photographs. Love the pics of the children and the night shots of Ho Chi Minh City.
Posted by Connie Murphy on
Your support of Thuy's Dream Foundation and the Family Picnic is a wonderful thing and such a great cause to be involved in! The happy kids faces say it all.
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