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Tuesday Mar 04, 2014

Angkor Wat - The temples of Angkor Wat are an amazing site to behold, photograph and to experience. The massive size coupled with the stone work and carvings makes this UNESCO World Heritage Site an amazing place to come and photograph.

We started today at 4:30 a.m. in order to reach Angkor Wat Temple and be in position for sunrise. It was a little overcast this morning so the sunrise colours were muted, but the reflections and surroundings sure delivered on some great images. We spent more time shooting and exploring then returned to the hotel for breakfast and to freshen up. Later in the morning we went back into the park and visited two other temples. We will be going back again tomorrow to visit a few other temples.

This evening we had a group dinner just a short walk from our hotel. Then some of the group took tuk tuk’s into the night markets here in Siem Reap. Enjoy the selection of images from today’s photo shoots. It was another amazing day. A little warm, 30C today.

Reflections at Angkor Wat at sunrise.

As the sun rises over the temple.

More early morning reflections.

HDR B&W of Angkor Wat.

Pillars that have been unearthed over the decades.

Inside the temple.

The flowers that greet us every day in our hotel lobby. Breakfast then on to the afternoon photo shoot at the temples.

Some of the beautiful stone carvings.

Another stone carving.

B&W at the Preah Khan Temple.

Another shot at Preah Khan Temple.

More stone carvings.

Marg and Patti take time out to talk to a local family.

One of the smaller temples at Banteay Srei.

Check out the tree roots on this wall.

Another Sepia toned image.

This little boy was sketching into the sand and had a visitor land on his ear.

Here’s his sketch work.

Small boats at Angkor Wat temple entrance. This was the old moat.

Some local children outside the temple.

I loved the ray of sun light at this display.

Another Carving.

Another HDR of some beautiful green flowers.

The east gate of Banteay Srei Temple.

Another little one sketching in the sand.

You can get lost here for hours.

More beautiful stone sketchings.

This lady was beautiful.

Marg spending some time with the temple lady too.

This little girl was given Canadian Flags by one of our guests, she thought they looked good putting them into her ears.

Cynthia and Kathy at our dinner tonight.

Marg and Wendy getting ready to sample some of the food.

Shirley and Paul at dinner today.

Marg and Patti steaming up their selection of meats.

The town comes alive at night.

Making pancakes on the street.

A local candy and peanut shop.

That’s if for this evening. Good night from a warm Cambodia.


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Posted by Anita on
Beautiful shots!
Posted by carol on
The shots are all wonderful but I love Temples and these were fantastic and the stonework very interesting. Thank you
Posted by Joan Kipps on
Beautiful shots, I've really enjoyed your blog.
Posted by chamroeunlampard on
A bathroom of epidemic Indian zeal

Provided by notable furniture in Cambodia
construction materials, architect Peter Christoff has been funded to design a model bathroom base on India culture.

The concept is to have the bathroom adapt to Indian culture with a simple yet not the basic sense. Thus, Christoff came up with the idea of using walls to print screen a depicted film of Hindu goddesses for the suggested request.

"The owners had many photos and books for us to study, so we did a series of sketches," said Christoff. "The images from these sketches were screen-printed onto film that was sandwiched between two large glass plates. The wall has the added advantage of being easy to clean."
He added: "These wonderful colours reinforce the Indian palette,"

"So, too does the commissioned sandstone wall plaque mounted on the fence beyond the window.
For simplicity, the vanity is pure white, with skewed aluminium drawer door pulls, and the mixer is wall mounted. "Christoff concluded.
Posted by emrathabong on
The Ultra-Modern Kitchen

This is a modern kitchen, which every homeowner wanted, leading to furniture shop in Cambodia construction materials said.

One more thing this kitchen is such a new style and bright color, and it was furnished in red color, which makes this ultra-modern kitchen is more beautiful and attractive.

Anyway this kitchen is really beautiful and it makes the owner feel relax and enjoy when they enter into it, while the living room of this apartment has interesting sections for storage of wine and the floor is designed with an attractive wood add more warmth and comfort.
Posted by rathanaem29 on
Special lineup from Globo

Delivered by trustworthy construction in Cambodia construction materials, with the upcoming Cersaie 2014 event of bathroom show, Italian bathroomware producer, Globo chooses its special first-team products of a wall-mounted bidet and extremely thin shower base.
Called Forty3, the bidet has the exact image of its name with a 43cm in depth and idealistic form small and narrow bathroom. Other fittings of its line such as washbasins and bathroom fixtures are in progress of being created.
Docciardesia is a super slim shower base from Globo and will also make the apprearance at the spectacle this September. The piece is materialized from Mineralmarble which has no slip and is stain-resistant.
The shower base is customizable with a comprehensive range of colors, sizes, and thickness.
Posted by rocksyla on
The Prevailing Model House

Here is the special building has been created as the impressive living place, leading to furniture shop in Cambodia
construction materials
“As a rejection of this prevailing model the project sought to sensitively provide a high quality infill development as a modest and discreet intervention to the streetscape.
The key element in the development of the concept is the rammed earth wall, which serves at once as a party wall and boundary identifier, and as an anchor grounding the dwellings and holding them in the landscape.
One of our primary aims was the development of a sensitive typology for urban consolidation in what is an established outer suburban fringe setting.
The lack of defining boundary elements along the street preserves the original landscape features and serves to unify the streetscape appearance and reinforce the prevailing neighborhood character”, as the architects said.
Posted by thonmey on
Light, airy, and bold by Cheryl Kees Clendenon

"To maximize the budget, we didn't want to move these elements," designer Cheryl Kees Clendenon said about the desired concept behind the renovation of the kitchen. "It was also important to maintain a light, airy feel, while indulging the owners' love of bold colors."
As successful furniture shop in Cambodia
construction materials
informed, the designer opted dark walnut cabinets with white CaesarStone countertops and a white-tiled backsplash for the creating a greater space and reinforcing the lavender-colored walls which was the request of a daring theme.
"To offset the bright lavender, the trim is painted in a soft dove-gray shade, rather than the typical white," the designer added. "Visually, this blends in to create a much quieter look."

The floor tiles also help emanate the light and airy ambience to the kitchen.
Posted by gga0385 on
Upholstery coverage by Diane Bohstedt

"Entertaining was important for them," said designer Diane Bohstedt of the featured kitchen’s remodel project, as provided by notable furniture in Cambodia construction materials. "They also liked the idea of a furniture style for their kitchen, with lots of different finishes and architectural details in the cabinetry."
Bohstedt opted an eclectic approach with different hues to make the design aesthetic multifold. Walls are painted in yellow color according to owners’ favorite palette. The cabinetry is in a painted finish of creamy white with a light toffee glaze while the central cabinets are in stained alder wood that brings warmth to the space.
"Even though pieces like the pantry are fully functional cabinets, they look like furniture," added Bohstedt. "From the hallway, the furniture look is the first thing you notice."
Posted by dda0385 on
Well connected

"We wanted a more open, collaborative and flexible workplace," said owner of this modern office suit about its concept, as provided by notable furniture in Cambodia
construction materials. "While we have corporate design guidelines, we were happy to push the boundaries on these – the brief was very open."
Space connections were essential in the design. "This provides four entry points to the office, including the main reception area," designer Shagufta Anurag said. "Each of these four linked areas also takes the form of a plus sign, with collaborative, breakout areas situated at the intersection point, rather than on the outer edges of the office. This means staff enter directly into a café-style social space, where they can stop and say hello to fellow workers and get a coffee first thing in the morning."
"It's a very clean-lined, transparent interior that reflects the vision of the firm," added Anurag. "There is a real sense of what lies beyond – the unlimited capabilities of Clifford Chance."
Posted by gga0385 on
The Beautiful Waterfront House

Here is the beautiful waterfront house has been create as a living by water, according to furniture shop in Cambodia
construction materials
As explained by Scott Allen Architecture, “the design solution makes the roof of the new structure an extension of the upland lawn, with a glass-enclosed elevator providing access to the two levels below.
To the south, an outdoor living space is set between the house and a new boathouse. Stairs lead down to the water and are incorporated into a series of decks, terraces, and bridges that create spaces for living and entertaining.
This area also features a wood-burning pizza oven and an outdoor fireplace”. Indeed, there are four main building materials featured such as opper, concrete, metal window cladding, and cedar, withstand the special conditions.
Posted by thidaneng on
The Delightful Waterfront Cabin

Here is the modern waterfront cabin has been designed by Oslo-based architecture firm Skaara Arkitekter AS, leading to furniture shop in Cambodia construction materials stated.
One more thing the exterior of this house was defined by a pine facade and a moss roof, capturing the natural colors of its environment.
According to the architects said, “The cottage replaces an old cabin and is supplemented with a new outhouse and jetty.
The buildings’ two volumes separate living from sleeping areas, and create a protected patio which gives shelter from different wind conditions.
A fan-shaped plan opens the cluster towards the south. The southernmost wing contains the private zone with modest sleeping cabins.
The east wing consists of a split-level open living/kitchen area with views across the inlet towards Jomfruland”.
Posted by thidaneng on
Couple and future family residence

Do you dream to enjoy with couple and future family? Here, the Suburban Beach House in Perth will fulfill your dream.
It is a house that imagined and envisioned for a young couple and their future family, leading to furniture shop in Phnom Penh construction materialseported.
In addition, architects said, “no matter what the standpoint, the visual treat is diverse as the house is lofted above a natural limestone outcrop which becomes a shaded garden terrain below the belly of the home above.”
Additionally,architects at David & Ross Brewin added, “The plan of the house is rationally divided into day and night zones with the separating corridor fattening at one end to become a study nook.

Overall, it is a residence that challenges the conventions of detached housing in Perth: small, lifted above the ground, no front door, no garage, no front fence, no brick… a beach house in the suburbs”.
Posted by ry chard on
Stunning Residence around a Pool

This is Blue Jay Way Residence generated by McClean Design, highlighted by furniture shop in Phnom Penh construction materials.
The main purpose of owner was to create the house around a central pool. According to architects, “The entry to the house is a glass bridge over the pool below. The house is divided in half by the water feature and a pool to minimize the structure’s perceived size and to separate the private spaces (master bedroom, study) from the public (living, dining, kitchen).”
Moreover, the water feature and a pool define how the house will look like. It was divided in haft.
Architects added more information The living room and master bedroom are cantilevered over outdoor spaces below and appear to hover against the background of the city beyond,”
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