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March 07, 2014 at 7:56 AM

Vietnam & Cambodia Blog Friday Mar 07, 2014 - Final post for the tour

We are now hope safe and sound ... hello cold.  It sure was a change stepping out into the night air when we arrived home last evening.  It was a great flight home, almost 15 hours from Hong Kong but I'm sure after a long journey everyone was happy to get home to their own beds last night.  We flew Wednesday from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh Cambodia for our last night. Then to Hong Kong connecting back to Toronto, landing around 8:00 p.m. last night.

Thanks to the photographers that traveled with me on this tour it was great to share and photograph the culture and experiences of Vietnam and Cambodia.  AND a special thanks to all our friends and families from home that followed the blog, you make sharing our images and stories fun. On this tour we had several days where we had over 10,000 hits per day. A new all time record during our tours. Thank you again.

For our final post here are a few more images from Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom in Cambodia and don't forget to check back April 3rd to the 17th when we return to Vietnam and Cambodia for our second photo tour.  Enjoy the images from our last day of our trek.

Traveling deeper into Angkor Wat, this is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but people who lived here prior have been allowed to stay within Angkor Wat.


There are so many beautiful temples within Angkor Wat. More steps than you can imagine.


The amazing rock faces in Angkor Thom.


Every corner and wall of the temples have faces.


The ruins are beautiful, many steps and hidden corridors. 


Many parts of the temples have been restored others are the way they were discovered. Which can be just as beautiful for photography.


Always opportunity for an artistic touch. HRD then converted to B&W and Sepia Toned.


Another HDR of one of the many connecting corridors within the main temple in Angkor Thom.


Here's one way to see the temples.  It is said that over 100,000 elephants were used during the construction of the temples.


One of the many artists that can be found in and around the temples. Make sure you are quick to pick up a sketch if you like it as they get purchased very quickly!


Marg & Bill as we travelled through the park. Mok, Gail and Paul in the background. We had to transfer to smaller shuttles to get into some of the more remote areas of Angkor Wat.


Some of the carvings on the walls of the temples.


More corridors the arch ways get shorter forcing you to bow deeper as you reach the centre of the temple.


The trees and roots have become one with quite a few of the structures.


The police finally catch up with Kathy in Angkor Thom, please send bail. Thanks for being such a great sport Kathy, it's been great to travel and photograph with you on this trek.


The height of the trees growing out of some of the temples is amazing. Look at the size of the roots on this tree.


If you have ever seen Laura Croft Tomb Raider, a large portion of the motion picture was film in this location within Angkor Thom.


Well that's it for our first trek to Vietnam and Cambodia this year.  We really hope you have enjoyed the 500 plus images we have shared over our 14 day photo adventure. Thanks again for following along, and we look forward to sharing our April Tour with you too.

Cheers from James and all the Photo Tour Trekkers that joined us on this tour.


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Posted by Gail Steer on
We enjoyed following your trip too!
Almost felt like we were there except the temperature is slightly different, LOL!
Welcome back to the True North!
Posted by Kathy Smith on
I've been following your tour and sharing with my groups on Facebook. Great photos and stories.
Posted by June Pryor on
Truly amazing!
Posted by carol on
Thank you so much for the beautiful images. I looked forward to them each day. These Temples are amazing. You must all be exhausted. Now get some well deserved rest.
Posted by Barbara Onischuk on
I enjoyed your travels through Vietnam and Cambodia. I travelled the same route last year and it was so interesting to see what you photographed. I must join you on one of your tours!
Posted by Julie Hughes on
Really enjoyed the photos and stories. Thanks for sharing!
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