Yosemite Photo Tour April 26 2014

April 27, 2014 at 8:19 AM

Yosemite Photo Tour Blog - April 26th, 2014

We have arrived in Yosemite and have been treated to a variety of weather conditions. Our first night arriving at Tenaya Lodge with is located at 5,000 feet near Glacier Point we had snow. We are actually yes I'm going to say it treating it as a bonus. Why you as, well first it is a treat to capture images in Yosemite with the addition of snow, and since it is fairly warm in the valley it does great things for clouds and fog conditions which make for great photos.

We left our hotel at 4:45 a.m. on our first morning to visit Tunnel View for sunrise and it was spectacular. Then spent the balance of the day shooting at various locations within the park. We are up in the high mountains at Tenaya Lodge for two nights then we head to Yosemite Valley to stay at the Yosemite Falls Lodge.

Enjoy some of the images from our first day in Yosemite.

My friend and amazing Yosemite Photographer Phil Hawkins joined us for dinner the first evening in the park. Just as we were introducing Phil to some of the photographers it started to snowed, so we had to step out and take a quick shot. Many of the photographers that traveled with me here on the past two tours will remember Phil. Thanks Phil it was great to see you and I look forward to working with you on some future Trekkers Tours. 


Sunrise from Tunnel View


Just as the sun broke from behind Half Dome. The fog and clouds changed so quickly.


Tree in the mist.


Morning sunrise against Bridalvale Falls, we will be returning here for more images later.


Morning reflections along the Merceds River, the light was amazing this morning.


Great reflections of El Capitan from the Merceds river bank.


Bob capturing a few images.


Morning reflections at Swing Bridge. Upper Yosemite Falls in the background.


Another shot from Swing Bridge, you can see how fast the clouds and fog changed.


Classic view of Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls.


Another view of Yosemite Falls as we got closer. The high snow added to the shots.


Lorna stopped to take in the view and pose for a shot.


The next two images show how the snow at the peaks made for interesting images.


Dark rock, blue sky made for a great combination.


Plenty of water flowing just now, Upper Yosemite Falls.


View from the bridge at the falls towards Yosemite Valley.


John capturing a show in the woods near Yosemite Falls, great to have you join us John.


Looking across the meadow, near Yosemite Village.


Judy and Lorna photographing the Dogwood that is in bloom all over the valley.


Judy's reflection, great to have you with us too on your first tour, Judy.


If the rocks to big, just cut out a tunnel!


More Dogwood in bloom as we drove deeper into the park.


The view back into Yosemite Valley as we start the 6,000 ft climb back towards our Lodge.


B&W worked great for shots today too, with the ever changing sky.


John taking a few shots as we started our drive up the mountain, photos at every corner.


Snow does not stop the spring time buds, in Mariposa Grove this afternoon. This is a snow plant and it feeds off the roots the Sequoia tree.


We took a hike though Mariposa Grove located at 6,000 feet. It is home to some of the largest Seguoia Trees in Yosemite. Some are believed to be over 300 years old. Lorna and Judy giving you an idea of the size of these giant trees.


The trees require a fire to germinate! This one is named Grizzly Tree.


It is amazing to walk thought the forest, the trees tower into the sky.


The ones that have fallen remain as a reminder of their size.


In the 1920's cars used to drive through the trees. They are now showing signs of the cut out growing closed again.


That's it for our first days image and blog. Tomorrow we are preparing to visit Glacier Point and then head into Yosemite Valley for a couple of nights at Yosemite Lodge near the falls.  Good night from the trekkers in Yosemite National Park.



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Posted by Doris Lewis on
Wow, what an amazing place. I love the morning shots.
Posted by Grace on
Beautiful, looks like some great opportunities so far. Keep em coming.
Posted by Gail on
Looks like you are having a great time Lorna!
Posted by Patti on
Stunning shots Jamie. Fuji colour at work. Sure wish I was seeing this in person. Keep Bob and his gear away from any cliffs.
Posted by Vicky on
Wow!!!! Beautiful with the snow! Have fun Everyone!
Posted by Jerry on
Wow, great images James sure wish that I was there with you folks. Looking forward to seeing more of your trip to Yosemite.
Posted by Jill Hamilton on
I have to say it too, Wow, Yosemite is beautiful. Can't wait to see more.
Posted by Shirley on
Wow....seems to be the right word. Have a blast.
Posted by Gail Nichol on
WOW, what beautiful scenery!!!!!! I'm so jealous!. The next time you have a trip here James I will be going with you!!!!! Have a great time, looking forward to more photos!
Posted by Bill on
I'm joining in with another "Wow" these are beautiful, more please!
I always enjoy your blogs.
Posted by Gail Steer on
Great pics!
Yosemite is beautiful!
Like I said, wish I was there!
I should go next time, right Bob?
Posted by Nancy on
Stunning images....glad everyone is having a good time!
Posted by Phil Hawkins on
Excellent job guys!! Can't wait to see what you get from Glacier Point!
Posted by Deb and Bill on
And to think, this is only day one! We're looking forward to seeing more wonderful images.
Posted by Christine Yao on
Wow - such amazing shots! I can't wait to see tomorrows blog!!
Posted by Jette on
Holy Cow!! We should have taken this trip! Jette and Ray
Posted by Dave on
A magical morning that made the beautiful park even better. I think that is the best single day trekkers blog entry of stunning light and conditions ever! Nice shots James. I'm sure there are many, many photographers viewing these photos that wish they were there!!!!!! Say hi to Phil.

Posted by Nancy on
These photographs are breathtaking! Thank you for sharing and please say hello to my friends Lorna and Judy. Wish I was there!
Posted by Brian on
Great Photos and beautiful scenery.
Envious. Maybe I'll be there next time.
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