Montebello, Quebec and Weekend with the Wolves January 2011 - Photographer Paul Garner captured this beautiful image during our January tour. We are excited to be returning to Montebello in February of 2016 for another tour and opportunities to photograph the wolves. Nice work Paul, Thanks.

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Posted by Bill on Dec 27th, 2015
Fantastic image Paul
Posted by Elizabeth R on Dec 27th, 2015
Wow great photo Paul congratulations
Posted by Jennifer Hayes on Dec 28th, 2015
Great! I hope this shot is hanging on your wall!



Under the Pacific Ocean, Galapagos Islands June 2015 - While on one of our daily snorkelling expeditions photographer Bruce Laing captured this great image of a Sea Turtle. Over the years we have featured many beautiful landscapes and wildlife images, it's great to feature an underwater shot. Nice work Bruce, great to travel with you and thanks for sharing your Galapagos image with us. 

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Posted by Danny on
Great shot, this is one place I've always wanted to visit.
Posted by Paul on
Nice work, Bruce. Galapagos is an amazing place to visit.
Posted by Sue on
Congrats, l love the light,
Posted by Jane on
This is great, so clear. I agree this is a place I want to visit.
Posted by Jerry on
Excellent shot, Galapagos is an amazing place to visit.
Posted by Mark on
This is so clear, congrats. I've been on these tours and they are great.
Posted by Bill Martin on
Wow, feels like you are right there in the water. Galapagos is a great place to visit.


Sacred Valley, Peru November 2015 - This creative mirrored image by photographer John Doan is titled Angry Warrior. Using the warm light of the afternoon sunset he photographed the ancient ruins, then by using a mirroring technique in Photoshop created this beautiful image. Thanks John for joining us on the tour and sharing your photograph.

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Posted by Paul on
This is a great image, I love the effect John. 
Posted by Lisa on
Very interesting, I agree I love the golden colour of the setting sun. Nice work. 
Posted by Donna on
What an artistic shot, I love it.
Posted by Karen on
John this is a great piece, the light is perfect. 
Posted by Mike McDougal on
I always enjoy the photographs that appear on this site. This one is in my top 10.
Posted by Paula on
There's something about this shot, that holds the viewer's attention. I sure hope you are going to print this one it's a keeper.

Posted by John D. on
Thank you all very much for the kind words about this image. My gratitude to Andre Gallant for teaching me how to do a montage like this digitally and to James Cowie for a fantastic trip to Machu Picchu. James, you are a consummate professional both in photography and travel. A lifetime of great memories from the trip along with some photos, including this one, that I will treasure. And yes Paula, this is one I will have printed at some point soon - I and am curious to see what size will work best. Hoping it can go to a fairly large size. :) 
Posted by Michelle on
Very creative image, great work John.


 Pic of the Day Dec 6th - Dec 12th, 2015 - by Photographer Patti Hinton: Agra, India 2012 this could be an image right out of National Geographic ... When visiting India you experience the culture, amazing colours and the most friendly people. This image by photographer Patti Hinton was shot during a visit to a local school. Patti this is one of my favourites from the trek. Congratulations on such a beautiful shot, your talents for people photography are amazing.

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Posted by Kelly on
What a beautiful expression, nice work Patti. 
Posted by Dave on
Wow the red, nice work this is great image. Congratulations on the shot. 
Posted by Ken on
The eyes make the shot. Great work Patti, 
Posted by Julie on
Nice photo Patti, congrats. 
Posted by Glenda on
Beautiful, one place I would love to visit. 
Posted by Jim Vance on
Great photograph, 
Posted by Patti on
Thanks for the kind comments everyone. It is one of a handful of shots I've ever hung. He's my fave.


Nov 28th to Dec 5th, 2015 - by Photographer Sue Smith: Iceland any time of the year is an amazing place to visit ... in March it is a winter wonderland. This image was photographed by photographer Sue Smith during our 2015 Iceland Northern Lights Photo Tour. These beautiful Icelandic horses were photographed near Faxafoss waterfalls. We will be returning to Iceland in March of 2016 for another Northern Lights Tour. 

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Posted by Rob on
Great image Sue, 
Posted by Brenda on
Love this, nice work Sue, 
Posted by Scott P on
Nice image, Iceland is on my bucket list. 
Posted by Deb on
Makes me want to go to Iceland all over again. Well done 
Posted by Kat on
I love this Sue,....beautifully captured! 
Posted by Paul on
This image has a wonderful feel to it. Great work Sue,