Pic of the Day - November 30, 2013
Photographer: Wes Terryberry - Feb 2013 India Photo Tour
I found my keys, where did I park my camel? This great image was captured near the floating palace in Juipur India. Great Image Wes.

Pic of the Day Comments 8

Posted by Ruth Grimes on
I'm double parked so please make it fast. Good shot.
Posted by Ken on
Shhhh, don't wake him, he needs his beauty sleep. He has a photo shoot in an hour.
Posted by Barb on
The camel ride is closed today due to repairs! Nice Pic.
Posted by Bill on
One hump or two?
Posted by Carol Cooley on
ha ha - great photo - 'get on already'
Posted by patti on
caption should read: Out of Gas.
Posted by Tracy on
What did you call me? Oh, ship of the desert!!
Posted by Pat on
I have not been this down since she left me. Great photo this was fun.
Posted by Bruce Ritchie on
Do not disturb.

Pic of the Day - November 29, 2013
Photographer:  Patti Hinton - Isle of Mull, Scotland Photo Tour
Low Tide on the Isle of Mull ... when all the elements come together you get a beautiful image like this captured during our Scotland Photo Tour. Nice work Patti.

Pic of the Day Comments 4
Posted by Bill on
Beautiful image Patti.
Posted by Chris on
Very Nice, love the different shades in the landscape.
Posted by Dave on
Great shot Patti.
Posted by Ken on
Wow, nice work.

Pic of the Day - November 28, 2013
Photographer:  Anne Marie Rodger - Ireland Photo Tour
The high alter at St. Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin, Ireland. Nice work Anne Marie.

Pic of the Day Comments 1
Posted by Ross on
Great shot, 

Pic of the Day - November 27, 2013
Photographer:  Nancy McRae - Sossusvlei Night Photography, Namibia Photo Tour
This spectacular image was captured high up the hillside at moon mountain lodge. We spent two nights here during our recent Namiabia Photo Tour, what a view at night. Beautiful work Nancy.

Pic of the Day Comments 5
Posted by Paul on
Wow, this is beautiful work.
Posted by Kelly on
Beautiful, I see this on a wall.
Posted by Mark on
One of the best night shots I've ever seen. Great work.
Posted by Doris Lewis on
Nancy what a great image. Congratulations.
Posted by Michelle Rondeau on
Great work, Nancy!

Pic of the Day - November 26, 2013
Photographer:  Ela Kurowska - Kolmanskop Ghost Town, Namibia Photo Tour


Kolmanskop, Namibia an amazing place to photograph. This old diamond mining ghost town offers up endless photo opportunities to play with the light, colours and locations. Nice work Ela.

Pic of the Day Comments 3

Posted by Helen on Nov 26th, 2013
A beautiful image, I love the streams of sunlight.
Posted by Terry on Nov 26th, 2013
Great image, Ela
Posted by Jim on Nov 26th, 2013
Wow, this is beautiful, looks like a great place to photograph.

Pic of the Day - November 25, 2013
Photographer:  Bill Coombes - Frigate Bird in flight, Galapagos Islands Photo Tour


Frigate Bird in flight, by photographer Bill Coombes during our Galapagos Islands photo tour.  This is a beautiful shot Bill, congratulations.

Pic of the Day Comments 5

Posted by Terry on Nov 25th, 2013
Beautiful image Bill, the clouds make a fantastic backdrop.
Posted by Deb on Nov 25th, 2013
Very nice Bill.

Posted by Helen Marsh on Nov 25th, 2013
What a great shot. Galapagos is my list of destinations to visit. 


Posted by Paul on
So sharp, nice work.
Posted by Glenda on
So nice to see all the adventures come to life. Beautiful work here

Pic of the Day - November 24, 2013
Photographer:  Susan Berdy - Giraffe Etosha Game Reserve - Namibia Photo Tour
This Giraffe is from Etosha Game Reserve in Namibia by photographer Susan Berdy. Pic of the Day from our Africa Photo Tour in October of this year. Nice work Susan

Pic of the Day Comments 2

Posted by Tracy Jansen on
He looks so majestic, nice shot.
Posted by Paul on
I've missed Pic of the Day, I'm glad it's back. Nice wildlife shot Susan.

Pic of the Day - November 23, 2013
Photographer:  Stephen Wilson - Stove Pipe Sand Dunes - Death Valley

Pic of the Day is back .... The beauty of Death Valley and rolling sand dunes of Stove Pipe Wells is the location of todays image. Nice work Stephen Wilson. 


Pic of the Day Comments 3

Posted by Bill on Nov 23rd, 2013
Nice image Stephen, I love the depth.
Posted by Tracy Jansen on Nov 23rd, 2013
What a great shot. I did not realize there were sand dunes that big in Death Valley.
Posted by Gary on Nov 23rd, 2013
Beautiful, you are drawn deep into the image.