Costa Rica Blog January 20th, 2017

January 24, 2017 at 4:40 AM

January 20, 2017 - More Birds, Ox Carts, Volcanos and Wetlands

It has been an amazing trip so far. Unfortunately the last three days up in the northern wetlands internet connection was not to strong and it was impossible to connect long enough to post photos. So we are a few days behind but will keep posting now we are back in the Monteverde region and stronger internet. So let’s get caught up. 

Jan 20th our second day in Costa Rica we departed San Jose and made tracks for the north of Costa Rica. Enroute we visited Sarchi which is a very interesting and colourful village, one of the most popular items is the market Ox Carts and we visited a wood shot still powered by a water mill to see how they are made. In the afternoon we visited Arenal Volcano National Park. Before the active period of 1968 the volcano was covered with a canopy of vegetation. People used to climb the volcano and sleep in the warm treed forest inside prior to the eruption. There was smoke coming from the volcano top today when we visited the park. We also encounter a mother sloth and her baby as we traveled today. This evening we start a three night stay at the Cano Negro Natural Lodge only 50 kilomoters from the Nicaragua border. Below is a selection of images from our January 20th travels in Costa Rica.

The famous Ox Cart that are made in Sarchi. The equipment in this wood stop is still powered by a water wheel.


A selection of colours used to paint the ox carts and other wood items made at this shop.


This is how the wood shop saws and planners get their power. The various belts drive the high speed wood working equipment.


Here’s a shot of the water wheel.


Painting of the ox cart wheels.


Some of the birds we photographed during our journey today, first a Blue-Grey Tanager


Green Honeycreeper


I believe a Scarlet Tanager




Red Legged Honeycreeper


Scarlet and Blue-Grey Tanager


Another shot of the Blue-Grey Tanager


Blue-Grey having a snack


Later in the afternoon as we were driving to Arenal Volcano we came across this mother sloth.


The baby sloth feeding, shot by Alexa Coupland. Thanks for the great shot Alexa.


One more shot of the sloth.


This is a Coati, nervously climbing a tree.


An entire pack of Coati came running out of the woods. They are very curious.


As we entered Arenal Volcano Park we came across this Yellow Eyelash snake. This snake was sleeping but if he bites you he is extremely poisonous and will cause death if untreated.


Arenal Volcano showing some smoke this afternoon.


These army ants are very strong and busy. You will notice the two army ants riding on the leaf. They are guarding the ant that is carrying the leaf back to the next. The break down the leaf and let it turn into a moss like texture.


Here’s a close-up of an army ant. You don’t want a bite from this guy.


White Fronted Parrot


Two more parrots just hanging around


Costa Rica Blue Bird


The final shot of today ... Two very good looking Blue Birds.


That’s it for this evening more photos as we continue our adventure through Costa Rica. Good Night for all the Photo Trekkers here in Cano Negro.


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Posted by Joan St. Marie on
Oh wow - amazing pictures - thanks for sharing!!
Posted by Brian on
What a great day you had. Just love the blog and photos, keep them coming.
Posted by Donna on
Fantastic shots! Thanks James. Look forward to seeing more.
Posted by Michelle Rondeau on
Great shots! James, are you the brave soul holding that army ant? I'm enjoying travelling with you; thanks for making it interesting, visible, and possible.
Posted by KevinGek on
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