Costa Rica Blog Jan 22nd 2017

January 28, 2017 at 1:20 AM

January 22, 2017 - Exploring Cano Negro Reserve, Humming Birds, & more

Today we continued to explore Cano Negro reserve spending more time photographing around the region. Some of the group spent time capturing more humming birds and in the afternoon we took advantage of the water ways and explored more of the wetlands. This evening we had dinner in an open air dinning room. Here is the selection of todays images as we continue to catch up on the blog.

Early this morning looking for small frogs and other forest creatures.


This forest had some interesting flowers, in photo Dave, Cyndi, Harold and Christine.


Interesting fruit on this tree.


These parrots having breakfast at a termites nest.


These two parrots were very entertaining.


Humming bird in flight, nice stop action shot by Nancy McRae. Thanks for the image Nancy.


Humming bird resting on a bush.


Beautiful colours.


Many beautiful flowers too.


This Yellow bellied flycatcher enjoying the morning sun.


More colorful flowers as we walked along a side road.


This interesting flowering tree was on a pathway near the river.


Costa Rica is home to many beautiful species of butterflies.


Another butterfly.


Another shot of a humming bird who rarely sat still for photos.


Hummingbird sitting on a branch, they are so colourful.CR-215.jpg



Blue Heron as we headed back out on the waterways this afternoon.


An Amazon Kingfisher looking for fish.


Diving for a fish.


Another Amazon Kingfisher looking for fish along the shoreline.


Anhinga, Rufous Darter or snakebird.


Can you find the 7 small bats on this tree?


White Heron


A male iguana climbing to higher ground on this tree.


This is a Green Basilisk Lizard also called Jesus Christ Lizard due to their ability to run over water surfaces for up to 20 meters.


Another Green Basilisk Lizard, they feed on tiny insects.


Green heron.


Just about everywhere you look up in the forest you will find these iguanas.


And finally this evening a shot of our celebrity naturalist David Suzuki. Believe it not or not, this was not a James pun it was a Dave pun. James puns seems to rubbing off on the other photographers. Oh No!!!


That’s it for this evenings photos, tomorrow we pack up and depart the wetlands to head up into the highlands of the Monteverde mountain district. Good night from Costa Rica.



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