Galapagos Islands Day 7

December 20, 2017 at 9:41 AM


Map showing tonights sailing from Espanola to San Cristobal.


Galapagos Islands - Day 9 Island of Espanola & the Wide Winged Albatross

We arrived overnight and have anchored in a small bay on the isle of Espanola. We spent this morning exploring and photographing the shore birds and iguanas along the shoreline. Before returning to our ship there was time to snorkel off the beach. This afternoon our ship repositioned to the other side of the island and when ashore to hike the coast and find the wide winged albatross. We were greeted on shore by hundreds of coloured marine iguanas and sea lions. As we hiked and photographed along the trail we came across Nazca Boobies, Tropic Birds, Mocking birds and the Wide Winged Albatross. As we hiked closer to the cliffs we were able to photograph many of the birds in flight. It was another great day in the Galapagos. Tonight we sail from Espanola to San Cristobal island. Below is the link to the images from todays trek.

Link to our Galapagos Tour Gallery and the Albatross.



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Posted by violet morris on
So enjoyed reading up on your Galapagos blog and viewing the beautiful pictures. Brought back fond memories from my "trip of a lifetime" with Photo TourTrekkers to the Galapagos in October 2016. Some new islands on this tour - maybe I'll be able to go back to the Galapagos some day.
Posted by Gail Ni hol on
Wow great photos!!!
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