Galapagos Islands Photo Tour Departs Oct 1st, 2011

September 29, 2011

Everyone is packed, digital camera batteries are charged, memory cards ready ... and on to the Galapagos islands.  We will be departing early Saturday morning from London then flying to Quito, Ecuador, and after an overnight we fly to Baltra on the Galapagos Islands.

Check back often as we will be blogging from October 1st to the 10th during our photo trek.  Don't be dissapointed if you check-in and you don't see a posting for a few days during the tour, as this trek takes us to some pretty remote parts of the Galapagos Islands. During this time we will not have any connections to the internt.  We will do our daily reports and they will just be posted when we have a connection.

To all the photographers that are joining me on this trek, Welcome, it's going to be a great adventure.


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Posted by Bill lloyd on
Have a wonderful trip everyone.
I'll be waiting for Pics

Posted by Erika Wilson on
One more sleep. So excited!!!
Posted by Carrie Radke on
Have a great trip I will be following from home. With envy:)
Posted by Shari on
You will have a truly amazing time! Safe travels to all. Looking forward to following the blog.
Posted by Carol McRae on
I know everyone will have a great time! Can not wait to see pictures when Nancy gets home! Love you sister!
Posted by Eleanor on
Hey Diane! Have a great adventure. Look forward to photos and tall tales, hands and all, upon your return.
Posted by Kelly on
Have a fantastic time....will follow your adventures from here!
Posted by Ian on
Hey Mom! Have lots of fun!!! 
Love Ian, Erin & Abby.
Posted by Avril on
Hi Michelle. I'll be watching the blog and looking for you and Nancy. Have a really great time and safe trip.
Posted by Ron Davey on
Have a great trip everyone! I'm looking forward to seeing some great pictures!
Posted by Rob Paterson on
Have an exciting, safe and productive trip, folks!
You can only imagine how much I wish I was with you.
Posted by James Cowie on
Hi Rob ... We all wish you were with us too.
Posted by Ross Blakey on
Have a great trip y'all! Only a couple more hours to start on your journey. Keep those shutters busy and and cameras dry eh!
Posted by Kate McRae on
Love you mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hope you have a great time! Your in my thoughts every day... 
Posted by Patti on
I know how much you wish you were there Rob. LOL
Safe travels all and have a brilliant time.
Posted by Carol McRae on
I will be praying for you Nancy that you get the best pictures and you have a great, great time. I love you, sista!
Posted by Matt Devereux on
Here's hoping for the most exciting week of your life, Mom! Take more pictures than you should, be alert for opportunities others may miss, and enjoy every moment!!!
Posted by wanda on
I envy your adventure --- look forward to sharing your trip ...
Posted by wanda on
I envy your journey -- look foward to sharing it all ...