Galapagos Islands Photo Tour Oct 1st Travel Day

October 1st, 2011

We are now in Quito, Ecuador at our hotel.  We flew out of Toronto at 8:50 this morning arriving in Miami at 12:00 noon.  We had some time to relax in the airport, have lunch and then at 4:30 p.m. this afternoon flew from Miami to Quito.  It was approximately a four hour flight.  

Everyone in now settled into our hotel with a 4:00 a.m. wake up and 5:45 a.m. departure for the airport as we continue our journey to the Galapagos Islands.  It is approximately a two and a half hour flight.  We will meet our ship at Darwyn Station and sail overnight to our first Island destination.

A funny story today departing Toronto, as many of you folk know Nancy McRae and she is a quest on this tour.  Well to back the story up a couple of years ago when we went to Death Valley, Nancy missed our flight out of Detroit to Las Vegas.  As luck would have it the airline got her on a flight an hour later and all was good and she caught up to the group.  This morning just as our flight was boarding, Nancy was sent back to security because her boarding pass was not stamped to show she had cleared customs.  One of the other members of the group informed me and I got out of line to go make sure she was OK.  Just as I rounded the corner Nancy came walking down the concourse with an airline representative.  They walked up to me and he put his hand on my shoulder and said I’m sorry unfortunately this guest won’t be flying with you today ...

I could feel the blood drain from my face as he said it, thinking this poor woman, not again.  With that he smiled and then Nancy smiled and the gentleman said “she told me to say it!”  Everything was fine, Nancy had told him the Death Valley story and put him up to giving me a hard time.  It was great, I have not been taken by surprise so well for a long time.  Thanks Nancy for kicking the tour off with some fun.

Here are some images from today’s departure ...

Nancy and Sandi waiting to board our Miami to Quito flight.


Michelle checking messages before our departure.


Nancy and James, enjoying the laugh over her earlier joke.


Our first sighting of a blue footed boobie (galapagos bird) no it’s not ... it’s Erika always dressed up for the tour occasion.


Joyce and Dick checking on our Quito flight departure time.  We experienced a slight delay when we finally boarded the aircraft.  The pilot came over the loud speaker and said we are waiting for the fuel truck to come back as they did not give us the minimum required amount of fuel for the flight.  What’s this minimum business????


Frank and Tom waiting to board ... Kate kept them smiling with some chocolate treats.


Kate, Bill and Lorna in the background as we wait in Miami for our flight to be called.


Once onboard Bonnie and Karen getting comfortable.


Terry looking in good spirits or is that with good spirits?


A shot of the clouds and the setting sun as we fly over the ocean between North and South America.


That’s it for night’s blog entry ... the alarm will go off soon enough.  Remember if you don’t see an entry for a day or two we will catch up, connecting to the internet given our remote location might be a little difficult.

Good night from Quito, and everyone is have fun and have had a safe day of traveling.

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Posted by Linda on
WOW...Nancy...LOL Have Fun everyone !
Posted by Ginny on
Hi Mom and Bonnie;
Hope you are having a wonderful time! Mac wanted to go on the plane with you. Everyone is good here and Ryan is much better.
Love you
Posted by Carol McRae on
Well Nancy....glad you MADE the FLIGHT! I thought of you when I thought you might boarding the plane that you would indeed make the flight! I know you will have a great time and take many photos. For all the team be safe and have a great time...keep us posted!

Posted by Jerry Cornell on
Hi Guys
When I first started to read James's post about Nancy I was shocked.. I remember the look on many faces, as I was present when she came into Vegas. Good one Nancy you've got one on James. Travel safely everyone, have a great trip and looking forward to seeing more images. 
Jerry C
Posted by Kelly Butler on
Nancy you made me LOL!! Enjoy your trip..can't wait for your return to view some awesome pictures.I am eagerly awaiting your first upload of pics!! 
Posted by Rob Kneeshaw on
I'm happy to hear that Nancy made the flight this time; I just hope that she didn't take too many years off of your life James, lol!

I'll be following the blog so I'm looking forward with being able to live vicariously through all of you over the next week or so. Have a safe and fantastic trip everyone!
Posted by Matt Devereux on
Say "Hi" to the finches for me! -CRD
Say "Hi" to Darwin's spirit for me! -CDW
"Hi Mom!!!" -MGD
Posted by Kate McRae on
MOM my jaw dropped when I was reading this allowed to Richard. HAHA. Thats so funny. Poor James!!!!!! I have a feeling your having a great time.. oxoxoxoxo
Posted by Ron and Brenda Hillis on
Nancy, you always liked to play jokes! Have fun and don't kiss any of those Lizards! Love you. xoxo
Posted by blake on
Hey that was good joke you played Nancy. I still think u could have found room in your luggage for me.
Posted by Ross Blakey on
Looks like you are all having a great time!!! Isn't it nice not to have internet access but the bliss and joy of peace and quiet with the boat gently rocking... bet the animal life on these islands can be noisy though... Keep those shutters busy you all!!
Posted by Connie Scarrow on
Hey Nancy so great to see your smiling face on the computer. Hope you are having a wonderful time. Loved your practical joke but be sure you don't miss the flight coming home. Have loads of fun and we will look forward to seeing your photos.
Posted by Carly Erickson on
message for Sandi: Hej Hej Mum!! : Hope you are having soo much fun! wondering if the thrill of the blue footed boobie has warn off yet. Hopefully not! Safe travels everyone I expect you are enjoying warmer weather than I am here in Göteborg!
Posted by Ron and Brenda Hillis on there any recent pics in this blog that i can't find or are you unable to use the net.
Posted by Dave Chidley on
Nancy, you win! the best joke played on James that I can remember! Great stuff. Everyone have a great time!!!
Dave Chidley