Galapagos Islands Photo Tour Oct 8th Bartolme and Santa Cruz Black Turtle Cove

October 8, 2011


Saturday October 8th ... Blog Entry Bartolme and Santa Cruz (Black Turtle Cove)

This morning we made a dry landing on the volcanic island of Bartolme.  We climbed the some 400 steps to the top of the volcano stopping at the numerous look-out to take photographs.  The top of the summit is 114m high.  It was quite the climb but the view, and the experience of walking along the long ago molten rock was worth it.

Bartolme is one of the younger islands in the Galapagos with a total land area of 1.2 square KM’s.  One of the most famous landmarks in the Galapagos can be found here, Pinnacle Rock.  It is probably one of the most photographed vistas of the volcanic rock chain.

When we returned to the ship those wishing to visit the beach on Bartolme could change and go snorkeling.  There were sightings of Manta Rays, White Tipped Sharks, Penguins and many colourful fish.

Once back on the ship we were served lunch and then the ship had a short navigation to Black Turtle Cove which is a beautiful Mangrove intlet on the island of Santa Cruz.  We spent the entire time on the zodiacs exploring the coves, there were many Sea Turtles, Black Tipped Sharks and Pelicans fishing in the shallow waters.  It was great to have the motor shut off and just drift through the Mangroves.

Tonight is the final night on the ship, and everyone is invited to a sunset seafood BBQ on the top deck.  It was a great evening.

Tonight we sail back to Port Ayora which is the point were we began our journey.  In the morning we will have an early breakfast then take some time to visit and area where the giant tortoise roam in the wild and a lava tunnel.  Enjoy todays images.

The map shows in turquoise our long navigation back over the equator as we sail to Bartolme.



A wide angle shot gives you an idea of the climb.  Randy and Erika in the foreground.


Brenda stops to pose for a shot.  The steps are getting steeper ...


At one of the look-outs Brenda demonstrates her strength as she holds up a piece of the basalt lava rock. Look at those muscles!!!


As we climbed higher, the view was spectacular.


We are now half way up and you can easily see the different volcanic openings.  Many years ago molten lava would have poured over the top of these cones.


The view just keeps getting better ...


The view from close to the top, you can see the iconic Pinnacle Rock in this image.  The sandy beach in the foreground of the rock is where the group snorkeled.


A panoramic view.  This image was stitched together from 14 images.


Some of the group at the top.  Bill, Maria, Bonnie, Frank, Kate and Jim can be seen in this image.


This shot gives you an idea of the height and pathways.


Paul, Bonnie, Kate and Frank enjoying the view.


Sandi, Jim, Erika and Brenda as we travel to Black Turtle Cove in the zodiacs.  


Dick, Janice and Robert balancing out the other side of the zodiac.


The view of the island and the beautiful Mangroves as we enter the cove.


A Black Tipped Shark in the cove.


Pelican taking off to fish.


Another one in the sequence.


A spotted ray.


Thanks for posing, it swam right under the boat.


Michelle and George posing for a shot.


A tortoise in the cove.


Checking us out.


We all met on the top deck of the ship for a farewell BBQ.  Thanks Terry Lennox for the Image.


Farewell BBQ Erik and Robert in the foreground.


Another shot as the sun sets.


Randy, Maria and Lorna at the dinner.


The beautiful sunset ... while we enjoyed our farewell BBQ.


Our Captain and Hotel Mangager enjoying the sunset.


Our final briefing of the trek.


The nightly briefings are a great time to get together and catch up about the days activities.  Joyce and Dan, Marilyn, David, Randy and our Naturalist Rosie can be seen in this image.


 Some more of the group.  Not sure if Bill is formulating anther plan he his such a fun jokester.  Bill it has been great to have you and Linda with us on this adventure.


The final shot of today is the map showing our entire route during our visit to the Galapagos Islands.  The orange line shows are overnight navigation back to Port Ayora and then the land journey back to the airport.  There is only one main land road from the port across to Baltra Airport.  We have some great images of the giant tortoise to share with you tomorrow.