Iceland Photo Tour Departs June 15th, 2012

June 06, 2012


You are invited to follow the travel blog as the Photo Trekkers journey to the Land of Fire and Ice, beautiful Iceland.

The tour departs Friday June 15th and we will be posting images as we tour around Iceland.  

Our trek will see us travel from Reykjavik along the south coast to Vik, Hofn, and then into the glacial regions near Eglisstidar then visiting the northern region of Akureyri and retruing along the coast near Borgarnes and back into Reykjavik.

This is a beautiful country full of scenery beyond your imagination and we are excited to share our journey through the blog.  Remember don't be shy we love to read your comments as we travel.

So check back on the 15th of June and follow our daily posts and we visit the Land of Fire and Ice.  Iceland is +4 hours to Canada, which will affect our daily posting time.  

Past photo treks can be found on the right had side of the blog if you want to see some of the other beautiful places we have visited. 

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Posted by Joel on
Hi Trekkers, 
I'm looking forward to following your next adventure. Someday I hope to join you on one of your trips.

Posted by Nichole on
Have a great trip, I can't wait to see the photos.

Posted by Kelly on
I know it goes without saying on these trips, but have a great time. I'm will be checking in daily.

Posted by Bob on
Hi Mom and Dad, 

Have a great trip, I look forward to following the blog.

Posted by Jerry Cornell on
Hello Photo Trekkers,
Sure looking forward to your daily blog and what I know will be very exciting images. Enjoy your trip and have a great time in Iceland.
Posted by Heather Mackenzie on
OK this trip looks like it will be a blast. I look forward to seeing your images. Have a good time everyone, safe travels.

Posted by Dexter on
Have a great trip, Photo Trekkers, and stay warm.
Posted by Nancy Anne on
Youall have a terrific time and don't get too hot, cold, wet, or bug bit! Remember to take off the lens cap! Enjoy.... NA
Posted by Glenda on
Enjoy your journey, I look forward to following along. I wish I could have traveled with you on this one.

Posted by Greg Turner on
Even though I won't be on the trip, as soon as I get the email advising to watch the blog. I get my morning coffee then sit down and enjoy what you have to share. Safe journey to everyone, and someday I will get to join you.

Posted by Paula T on
Have a safe trip, I'm looking forward to the photographs.

Posted by Graham on
Have a great time. Iceland is a magical place!
Posted by Bret Tanner on
Enjoy your trip I will be following along. Your website was passed on to me by one of your photographers that I met in Monument Valley, and I've been checking back ever since.

Bret Tanner
Posted by Lisa on
Have a great trip Nancy M, I'll be following along.

Posted by Len Silvester on
I am so looking forward to following this photo adventure. Most days I do not have the time to look over and read a photo blog. But as Greg mentioned, this is certainly going to be the perfect morning coffee and inspiration for the day adventure.

Travel safe and have an amazing adventure!

Len Silvester
Posted by Dave Hamilton on
Have a safe trip James and the Trekkers, all your friends from Guelph will be following along.

Posted by Cathy Summers on
We always check out the blog first thing in the morning when you travel. We are really looking forward to the images from this trip.

Cathy and the crew, 
Kingston, Ont.
Posted by Elizabeth Cowie on
Have a great time and safe travels!! I really enjoy following along as well! The blogs are most interesting James.

Owen Sound, Ont.
Posted by Simon and Sharren on
Have a great trip we will be following along.

Simon and Sharren,
Posted by Malcom on
Have a great time, I'll be following the blog.

My wife and I visited Iceland 4 years ago, one of the best trips for photos.

Posted by Connie / Jim Scarrow on
Hi Nancy Air Force has a station at Recklavik?? but never got there. We will be watching your pictures like your Mom who is having a fit as you are in a foreign country. World travelling isn't to bad now is it?
Connie / Jim
Posted by Jim Hall on
Safe travel everyone! I look forward to the blog updates.

Hafa mikil ferð!

Posted by Dick Anderson on
Have a great trip, we will be following along. 

Dick and May
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Posted by Robert on
Hey Trekkers, have a safe trip, I'll be checking in daily.

Posted by Lynn on
Can't wait to see the photos. Have a great trip.

Posted by Patti on
Q and Gail, try not to get arrested again. I know you're collecting "arrests in foreign countries" but bailing you two out is getting expensive.

Have a blast (not volcanic)!