Iceland Photo Tour Djupivogur to Egillsstadir - June 19th, 2012

June 19, 2012

Iceland Photo Tour - Djupivogur to Egillsstadir - June 19th, 2012

An overcast and slightly cooler day today ... OK we understand it’s 32C at home slightly cooler here is 5C to 9C today.  And guess what, it did not hold us back one bit.  We departed Djupivogur this morning for a tour amongst the fjords with low cloud cover over the mountains which added a soft frame to our landscape images.

Prior to departing Djupivogur we visit an interesting art creation location down by the docks called Eggin I Gledivik..  The creation of the outdoor sculpture, Eggin í Gleðivík, is by by the world famous Icelandic artist Sigurður Guðmundsson, consisting of 34 eggs representing the different Icelandic birds. This was a gift to the community as the artist feel this little fishing village is a piece of paradise.  Thanks to Deb Hall for the image you see below.

After departing Djupivogur we traveled along the winding roads in and out of the fjords which sit upon the west coast.  We visited several little villages including the fishing village of Eskif Joreur.  This is a very unique village as it is supported by the fishing industry that is run completely by a fish co-op and the whole operation including the two fishing vessels are owned by the workers / residents.  As we learned how the co-op operates we toured one of the fishing vessels being prepared to head out to sea to fish.  There were many photo opportunities onboard the ship and we thank the local director for taking us on a tour of the operation.  

After lunch we carried on our journey to Egillsstadir, cutting through the mountains in the longest traffic tunnel in Iceland 5.9 km’s.  Arriving in Egillsstadir we checked into our hotel for the rest of the afternoon at leisure to explore the town and of course take more images.

Enjoy the images from today.  Tomorrow we will be visiting several waterfalls as we make our way further north.

The area in green marks out the distance we traveled today from Djupivogur to Eglisstadir.


This image gives you an idea of the coastal roads.


Reindeer as we traveled along the highway.


The little harbour of Djupivogur, some beautiful reflections.


Tide is out ...


Ok this is an interesting shot .... as you may know trolls are part of the Icelandic folklore, can you find the troll in the stone.


Another shot of Djupivogur harbour.


Eggin I Gledivik, thanks Deb Hall for the shot.


One of the little fishing villages we stopped in this morning as we traveled the coast.  Gail and Q taking a few shots.


Another black and white of this old fishing boat.


Here’s a shot taken by Bill Hall at the hot springs.  Paul, Pia, Joyce, James, Susan, and Joe taking their shots.


An interesting home in Eskif Joreur.


The fishing vessel we toured today.


Sue, Bill getting ready to take a few shots.


The view off the back of the ship.


Piles of nets ready to be put to use.  The co-op fishing village operation also has a net factory to make it’s own nets.


Scotty we need full power.  “Captain I’m giving it all I’ve got”  Dan is such a great sport.


This is the fish processing and sorting plant onboard the ship.


Inside the engine room.


Deb, Bill, Ron and Gail standing near the bridge of the ship.


This plant is also part of the co-op and processes and stores fish meal.


Lunch was at this beautiful little cafe on the outskirts of the village. Tom O, Tom H, Val and Solveig in the foreground.


And look who’s on the menu ... our own Bill.


Terry and James taking a look for the next shot, thanks Bill Hall for the image.


That’s it for this evening, time to make it an early night.  More from beautiful Iceland tomorrow.  Good night from all the Photo Trekkers here in Iceland.

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Posted by Nancy Anne on
Looks like you're having an "Ale" of a good time!
Q - your Beau ate another $10 - guess what I'll be doing tomorrow?
Your long-suffering sister, NA
Posted by shelley on
Hello Paul and Pia...

What amazing photographs- the trip is absolutely breathtaking. Hope you are both enjoying yet another adventure. See you soon 

Of course David says hello too :)