Iceland Photo Tour Waterfalls and Mud Pots June 20th, 2012

June 20, 2012

Iceland Photo Tour - Waterfalls and Mud Pots - June 20th, 2012

Another beautiful day here in Iceland.  We spent the day traveling up through the northern part of the Island, driving through a desert region in the highlands, visiting two beautiful waterfalls, mud pots in another volcanic region and the lake district.

Detifoss (waterfalls) was our first major photo shoot today, and it was spectacular.  This is the most powerful waterfalls in all of Iceland and Europe.  The clouds and light kept changing adding dramatics to our images.  

After lunch we stopped for some images of the mod pots, the combination of steam and bubbling mud made for some great photos.  We visited the lake district and then finished the day by visiting Godafoss, which is by far one of the most beautiful waterfalls on the island.

After Godafoss we travelled for about another 50 minutes to the town of Akureyri were the group is spending the night.  Akureyri is a port town and often as tonight you can see cruise ships in port.

Enjoy the images posted from todays locations.

Our travel map for today, the area in blue is the where we travelled today.


A colt was born in a field behind our hotel last night.  Thanks Sue Smith for the image.


Another shot by Sue Smith.


Leaving the lowlands and traveling into the northern highlands.


Interesting reflections, thanks Ron you were in the right place at the right time.


A church built in a small town we visited today, by a husband in memory of his wife.


Turf roof houses can be found in this region.


Detifoss Waterfalls.


Every angle was great to capture the falls, and you could get pretty close ...


A black and white HDR shot of the falls.


Tom and Joyce posing by the falls.  Hi to Pat at home.


Nancy looking pretty relaxed and enjoying the scenery.


Ron exploring and shooting around the top of the falls.


Dan, Bill and Solveig by the waterfalls.


Susan and Joe posing by the falls, watch your step.


Looking down the canyon.


The baron road just a few km from the falls, notice all the grey ash and lava rock.


It’s pretty hot down there.  It just keeps bubbling.


Our next stop the mud pots.  Steam, strong smells and bubbling mud pools.


A steam vent.


It was beautiful with the combination of clouds and steam.


A blue lagoon, you can see a steam power plant and ancient volcano in the background.


Many old volcanic pots here in midge lake.

Artic Tern eating a fish.  Thanks Randy for the images.


Going, going, gone.  Thanks Randy for the two images.


Randy also provided this image of the ducks landing on the lake.  Thanks Randy.


A panoramic shot of Godafoss.


Sue taking a few shots from the top of the falls.


A view from the base of the falls.  Thanks Bill Hall for this image.


If you walk along the gorge, you will come upon this beautiful scene. 


Costa Pacifica in port this evening.

That's it for tonights images.  Good night from the Photo Trekkers here in Iceland, don’t be shy we love to hear your comments below. 

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Posted by Christine on
Beautiful shots. Looks like the weather was cooperating with you. Such amazing waterfalls. Love the HDR of Detifoss and the pano of Godafoss.
Posted by Gail on
Loved your pic of the foal, Sue! More wildlife please!
Great pics, some of them reminded us of Yellowstone. Liked the canyon pic too. 
Looks a little bit cooler there than here in London (32 C )
Keep the pics coming! 
Enjoying following along with you on the blog!

Gail and Bob
Posted by Betty Ann on
A great way for us to cool off each day is to look at the Iceland pics. So awesome I keep looking at them over and over. Looks like a trip to remember.
Posted by Luce Gauthier on
I would like to know if you offer a similar tour in French starting from Montréal or Québec City.
Luce ( Pia's relative) 

Hi Pia and Paul,
What a wonderfull trip!
See you in july,
Posted by Joan St. Marie on
Oh wow - amazing pictures - I am so enjoying following you every day. 

Nancy`s Mom
Posted by Nancy Anne on
Looks like you had a terrific day at DentalFloss and Gottafloss. Keep those beauty images coming, especially the harses.
Posted by Joyce Stevens on
Great shots of the Harlequin Ducks. Am I right?
Can't wait to see all your pics Randy.

Joyce ;)
Posted by Bre on
Lookin' good Susan and Joe ... not a scared wrinkle at all on your face Susan.
Posted by Julie on
Hi Judith. It looks like an amazing trip. The pictures are beautiful. I have to add Iceland to my Bucket List.
Posted by patti on
National Geographic just called. They want to talk to Bill about that shot of the falls. Spectacular!
Posted by vicky andersen on
A friend has forwarded me your link. We are going to Iceland on July 14th for a driving tour around the island. We have really, really enjoyed your text and images - a true appetizer for our trip! Thank you. Vicky Andersen