Monument Valley Photo Tour Monday April 30th, 2012

May 01, 2012

Monday April 30th, Monument Valley - Mystery Valley

Everyone was up early this morning for sunrise photographs, and the best part sunrise today is you could photograph it from our hotel balcony. ( See first images below)  We are staying at the View Hotel in Monument Valley and every balcony has a view of the valley.  This is not only good for scenery shots during the day, but great for night images too.

After breakfast we boarded our jeeps and visited Mystery Valley, we spent the morning exploring and photographing this beautiful part of Monument.  We saw and photographed arches, rock formations, and ancient Indian ruins.  It was a great morning.  We then traveled back to the main part of Monument Valley for lunch which was served in the valley.  We had this great fried India bread, then toppings for an Indian Taco.  It was a great meal and a special thanks to Blackwater Tour for all your help in working with us today.  Most of the areas we visited are restricted and can only be accessed when accompanied by a Navajo India guide.

We then carried on photographing in other areas of the valley, wrapping up our photo shoot just after 5:00 p.m.  The rest of the evening was free to relax, and sort through all our images.  

Tomorrow we depart for Arches National Park and have an approximately four and a half hour drive ahead of us.  Enjoy the images from today and goodnight from Monument Valley.


Star Trails ... This was a forty minute exposure around midnight last night.


Sunrise this morning was beautiful.  These shots were taken from our hotel room balcony.  Every room has a view of the valley just like this.


There is no bad sunrise position in Monument Valley!


Another sunrise image.


A chilly ride to our first location this morning.  Hold onto your hat Dave, Thanks Bill Hall for the Image


Christine seems to have the same problem.  Thanks Bill Hall for the Image


Christine looking out from skull arch in Mystery Valley this morning.


A shot from honeymoon arch.  Notice three of our photographers within the arch.


Another view of Skull Arch.


One of our tour vehicles as it drives over the rocks.


The girls preparing for some R.& R.


Once again Jim succeeds to colour coordinate with his surroundings.


Another arch in Mystery Canyon


Nancy setting up her shot at another arch within Mystery Canyon.


Sue checking her exposure information.


Sue photographing inside baby feet ruins which is an ancient dwelling.


James and Allan taking in the scenery.


Some amazing pytroglyph’s on the canyon walls.


Lizard wondering why he is being awakened to early in the morning.


Brenda makes a new friend.


Bill, Brenda and Paul taking in the view.


Danny and Sidney checking their shots.


These hand and feet prints were carved into the rock within their house.


Here’s a second shot, these outlines where done many hundreds of years ago.


Lunch in the Canyon and it was very tasty.  Navajo Tacos.


Crow Landing near the location in the valley where we had lunch.


Susan and Nancy obeying the signs ... they had to climb up to get it though!!!


The moon starting to rise in the background.


One of the many dirt roads that wind through the valley.  It’s hard to leave here without everything being covered in red dust.


Christine happy with her exposures.


One of our guides showing Val and Leslie directions.


Another one of our photography jeeps shooting across the dusty roads as we explore Mystery Valley.


This is pottery arch.


Susan photographing at pottery arch.


Bob, Christine and Christine out photographing near totem rock.


Totem Rock all surrounded by sand.


Here’s an image showing how a few clouds in the sky can dramatically change your image.

Well that’s a wrap for this evenings images, our next report will be from Arches National Park in Moab tomorrow night. 

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Posted by Patti on
Stunning images!
Posted by Victoria on
Absolutely Amazing! Please do a repeat of this trip!!!!!
Posted by Elizabeth Cowie on
Hi Jamie, a very enjoyable journey in photos. Thanks!! Mom
Posted by Gail Nichol on
Great photos, really enjoying them !!!!!!
Posted by Jerry Cornell on
Hey guys great photographs and that earlier thought of doing a repeat sound very good and work for me..! Wonderful images keep them coming.
Posted by Diane on
Good to see you are all having a great time! Wonderful photos! They are triggering memories for me. It is an amazing place. Wish I were there! Certainly you are having more fun than me...Income tax, cleaning the bathroom, paying bills - WooHoo! See what you are missing! Make the most of it.
Hello to all my buddies. You are so fashionable Jim! Who knew! Any cool birds Sue? Hey Nancy - Wendy says hi! (you met her at Flowers plus - small world huh!)Have fun and wishing you all great shooting!
Posted by Deb on
Wow And this is just a teaser. Can't wait to see the rest of your wonderful images. You must be cleaning your sensor daily. Who has taken the most in one day so far?
Posted by Ron Davey on
These images are amazing!! Looks like a wonderful trip. I can't what to see what each new day brings!
Posted by Deb Jones on
Stunning ....