Monument Valley Photo Tour Sat May 5th and Sun May 6th, 2012 Home Safe

May 06, 2012

Monument Valley Photo Tour - Sat / Sun May 5th and 6th, 2012

Home Safe ...

The Photo Trekkers have now arrived home safe ... Wow what a great trip.

We flew from Las Vegas to Detroit departing mid afternoon, arriving into Detroit around 8:30 p.m. last night.  After a stop for something to eat we headed home.

Dave and I would like to thank everyone that joined us on this adventure to the southwest.  Our wish is that you have come home, with some great photos, new ideas and thoughts about your photography and most important with new friends.

Dave it was great to have you along again as co-host your energy and excitement about photography is infectious.  Thanks again we all appreciate you contributions to our treks.

Enjoy a selection of final images from the 10 days of our journey, and don’t forget to check back to the Blog on May 17th as the trekkers head to New York City of our next adventure.



Photo Tour Trekkers - Monument Valley Group Shot


Pia setting up her shot, sunrise in Arches National Park.


Christine setting up for her sunrise shot, Arches National Park.


Danny at sunrise, Arches National Park.


Let’s check the book on that Val, sunrise photo shoot.


Leslie checking out the wildlife.


Brenda and Jim enjoying the scenery, sometimes you just have to put down the camera and enjoy your surroundings.


Frank, Jim and Allan, at Landscape Arch.


Frank and Danny, until we pass by again.


Paul ... could you move the sun a little to the right?  


Sidney in the glow of sunset, or just glowing?


Twins??? no, it’s Val and Christine.


Barb and Dave walking Fifth Avenue Trail in Arches National Park.


Long Tongue ....


Dirty Camera ... the wind won again, Dave’s camera survived and now he is a true grit photographer.


Nothing like enjoying the view at Arches National Park, Delicate Arch in the background.


A Panoramic of Fifth Avenue Trail ... is that Rob on both the left and right side???


Christine shooting along the Rim in Bryce Canyon, check it out, there is still snow on the ground.


Allan setting up his shot.


A Panoramic of Dead Horse Canyon, Utah.  


Dick at Landscape Arch.


Paul and Pia posing for a photograph at Delicate Arch.


Bob setting up his shot, notice no tripod this time.


Sunset images at Bryce Canyon, reflections in Susan’s lens.


Pytroglyphs on the Delicate Arch Trail.


Paul and Pia, .... I don’t think he wants any more photographs of himself, or is he in the middle of a pun???


Casualty at Devil’s Garden ... there goes Pia's soul.


Sunset in the desert.

Thanks again for following the blog, we all hope you have enjoyed the images from our trek. 

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Posted by Grace on
Hello Photo Trekkers, 

Once again it was great to follow your adventure. I came across your website looking for information about Sedona, Arizona and have been following your tours ever since. Beautiful images and your blog always makes me fell like I'm traveling with you.

Grace Hopper, New Zealand.
Posted by Paul R on
Hello Everyone, 

It was great and thanks for sharing your images and the trip.

Posted by Greg Turner on
Hi James and Dave

Another great trip. Thanks for sharing.

Posted by Lisa on
One of your group passed on the blog web address, I met you folk in Monument Valley. Thanks for sharing the link, this looks like a great way to travel. My sister and I have enjoyed your photos.

Posted by Rick Pierce on
What a great bunch of folks to meet and have the privilege of spending time with, in some of the most beautiful places on earth.
James and Dave were flawless at organizing, and coordinating, every step of the tour.
Great job Photo Tour Trekkers 
Hope to see you again soon 
Your driver Rick w/ LD Tours
Posted by Chuck on
I enjoyed them all!! Almost like I was there.
This last photo of the sunset in the desert is very different.Can anyone tell me where was this one taken?

Chuck near Sedona
Posted by James on
Hi Chuck

The last shot was taken in Arches National Park, near Fiery Furnace.

Posted by Barry on
I have enjoyed your blog, will watch for the next trip. This is a great way to share the adventure, I'm now looking at one of your future treks to join in.

Barry I.
Posted by Loraine R. on
Another great trip, just caught up on the blog today. Thanks for sharing.

Posted by Barb on
I've been looking through your recent trip, great stories, and some beautiful photos. This is a great way to share with all of us at home.\