New Zealand Blog March 23rd, 2016

March 24, 2016 at 8:01 AM

Exploring and Photographing Auckland 

We spent our first day photographing and exploring several locations around Auckland. The morning started with some light showers, so we did not drive up the coast as far as planned but opted to visit locations along the harbour front and the Auckland Museum later in the afternoon.

Auckland is a beautiful city of 1 million people spread out over several districts that are connected my inter water way ferries, rail or roads. A large population of the the commuters opt to used public transit to travel to the city centre for work. It really makes it easy to get around the city. We also visit West Haven Marina which is the largest marina in the Southern Hemisphere.

Tomorrow we leave for the Islands of the Bay photographing the various regions as we travel up the coast. We will be up there  for two nights. Enjoy a few images from todays trek.

Old large industrial gears at the water front make for a great subject.


Reflections in windows also make fun shots.


You will notice on the New Zealand Flag with the checkmark on the image above. The country held a mail in referendum which the results were published this evening. Looks like with early results in the majority of 2 million votes submitted has selected to keep the existing flag. Below is the new design that was being voted on. The silver fern is one of the national trees here in New Zealand.NZ-19.jpg 

This guy was supervising as we photographed down by the harbour today.


While down photographing at the West Haven Marina the Auckland City Bridge is right next door, and thee excited bungee jumpers were ready to jump off the bridge. Notice spiderman outfit!


This afternoon we visited the Auckland Museum and Air New Zealand had an exhibit there celebrating 75 years of Air Service. Many interesting things to experience. Which also made for some great photo challenges. This is one of the many flight uniforms the airline has used over the years.


This is a mobile of customer comments over the years ....


Even the shadows made for interesting shots.


This head rest was made for Queen Elizabeth II when her and Prince Charles flew between the islands in the 50's.NZ-27.jpg 

B&W mural of some of Air New Zealand's older fleet. Paul in foreground.



Paul photographing out the window of one of the original float airliners.


Paul can't make up his mind, pilot or flight attendant.


There was an interactive computer design program that you could design your own aircraft dealing. What do you think, would this solve getting our photographers from country to country?


A B&W interior shot of the main lobby of this amazing Auckland Museum. You really need multiple visits to full appreciate all the exhibits.


That's it for this evening, good night from New Zealand.


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Posted by Rob on
Will Captain Paul be piloting the Trekkers jet?
Posted by Michelle Rondeau on
LOVE the silver fern flag design. I had to laugh when I saw the head rest because the first thing that came to mind was that it had something to do with Mickey Mouse, and then I read that it had been for the queen. My own mental imagery was just comical. If Paul is taking votes on which outfit is the most becoming, I would happily offer my opinion. Thank you for the photos and the blog, James. I look forward to sharing your next daily adventures.
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