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April 03, 2016 at 3:08 AM

Queenstown, Horses and Mountains

Today we spent a rest day in Queenstown giving everyone a chance to relax and enjoy this beautiful mountain town. Some of the group went out to the neighbouring town of Arrowhead to take photos, some shopped, a few took the gondola ride up the mountain while two others Ron and Joan went horseback riding. Our other Ron on the tour Alexa’s husband went on a Canyon adventure, involving zip lining, rock climbing, repelling and cliff jumping into the canyon waters. So a little bit of something for everyone today. And Queenstown is the place for a variety of activities.

As you know from yesterday’s blog my Trekkers hat now lies at the bottom of a glacial lake in Milford Sound. Well today Meg Cheesman and Gail Nichol were out shopping in the village this morning and came back with a new hat find. So life goes on, a great new hat and what better way to remember our New Zealand Adventure than have a new Trekkers hat from the land of the Kiwi. Thanks Meg and Gail and please enjoy todays selection of photography.

The new hat ... thanks Meg and Gail.


This is the mountain lodge as viewed from our hotel, the parachute gliders were out in full force today.


A street view in Queenstown, it’s the beginning of fall in New Zealand, you see the trees are starting to turn. Will be funny to return home next week to spring.


Meg, Gail and Alexa found some sheep.


Some of us took the gondola to the mountain top, some beautiful views.


More gliders, they were continuous all day long ... and added to our shots.


This is a sea shark ... not the species the machine. This is a two man part jet boat part submarine and it travels really fast. More photos of it later.


Here’s the view from the lodge overlooking Queenstown.


From up at the lodge the para-sails float by in front of the lookout.


This is the steam ship TSS Ernslaw, coal powered. It sails from Queenstown to Walter Peak Station 6 times a day. There were four steam ships in 1912 serving this region. At the end of their service two were sank to the bottom of the glacial lake and the other two beached. This one was restored and parts are still used from the other ship.


Another glider drifts by, Alexa and James were thinking about trying it too.


They also offer bungee jumping from the mountain lodge.


Another view over the lake, that little dot is the steam ship.


If you like mountain biking there is an extreme trail down the mountain and the gondolas are fitted to carry the bikes to the top.


Another bungee jumper ... no thank you!


What a view!


If you take a flight from Queenstown the airlines have to fly out through the glacial mountains. Must be quite the view.


This is how close the gliders pass by the lodge.


Meg, Sanford, Alexa and Gail as we came off the gondolas.


Joan had her horse riding adventure today, here’s a few shots of their experience. Joan at the beginning of the trail head. Ron Bradley joined her for the ride.


Here’s a view of the beautiful trail, they rode for about an hour and a half.


Ron at the top of the trail overlook.


Ron and Joan as the ride continued.


At the end of the ride, Ron and Joan.


Roaring Meg’s Restaurant ... how fitting. This restaurant is named after a mountain power station located just out of town.


Here’s another shot of the steam ship arriving back at the harbour.


Parasailing is also available, again notice the trees turning as fall approaches.


A view of the beach area from the Queenstown harbour.


Here’s the sharks racing back to the harbour.


Just before they dock they dive down one more time then come straight out of the lake.


This is the other shark performing for the crowd.


Here’s another fun ride ... you can take a group jet boat adventure ride down the river.


Or just sit and feed the ducks!


Here’s another shot as the shark boat jumps out of the lake ... my back hurts just watching it hit the water.


This afternoon the weather was great just to find a place and enjoy a good book.


Or have a portrait drawn by one of the street artists.


One last shot today of TSS Ernslaw as she steams out of the harbour.


That’s it for our blog tonight and another great day in New Zealand. Tomorrow morning we depart for Mount Cook. Good night from all the Trekkers in Queenstown.


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Posted by Carol cooley on
These photos are perfect. the trees turning, the landscapes, everything about this country is stunning. Great images from the Trekkers once again.
Posted by Dolores Cooper on
WOW ..... Appears the group is having quite an adventure in this scenic location!
Posted by Jette on
Wow bowling ! Great hat James!
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