February 28th, 2020 - Lemaire Channel - Yalour Islands and Petermann Island

Sunrise this morning we sailed through the scenic Lemaire Channel. Once we reached Yalour Islands we used the zodics to explore the region around the Yalour Islands. We were forunate enought to find and photograph the Adélie penguins. Mid day we caught out to another Hurtigruten ship, the MS Fram, and did a bow-to-bow for a photo opp, I included an image in todays blog photo gallery.

This afternoon we visited Petermann Island, one of the highlights walking along a glacier. More penguins and a beaufitul of the bay below. And at the end of the day, just as we thought the magic was all over, the skies cleared and we had an amazing sunset while sailing back on the Lemaire Channel. One more point as I've been receiving emails asking about the rubber chicken folk have seen in some of the images. It belongs to photographer guest Leif Petersen and his name is Marco el Pollo, he traveled all over the world with Leif and he takes images of Marco el Pollo for his granddaughters. Even through I'm still not sure who has more fun with it, grandpa or granddaughter! It's all great fun and that's what is all about, you might even see a pic or two more before we complete the tour. Enjoy todays images, tomorrow we sail to Charlotte Bay and Portal Point.

February 28th, 2020 Leaire Channel - Yalour Island and Petermann Island Gallery

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