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Ready for your Photo Tour

Know your gear

Photo tours often take travellers outside of their comfort zone, so it's important to be familiar with your camera gear before you travel. Bring a camera that you are used to working with, especially when photographing wildlife. Before you leave, make sure to study your camera's features and play around with camera settings so you have no surprises once you start to travel.

Invest in a tripod

Bringing a tripod on a photo tour is a very good idea. Using a tripod will help photographers achieve a stable shot, which is important if you're planning on taking long exposures, photos of waterfalls, cityscapes at night or the northern lights. Tripods are also great for photographing during inclement weather and strong windy conditions, or if you need to zoom in from a long distance.

Maintain a safe distance

Shots of animals acting naturally are always beautiful. If you're planning on photographing wildlife it is absolutely crucial to maintain a safe distance. Keeping your distance will improve your photos while keeping you safe in the process, as approaching animals too closely can stress them and make them run away.


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