Trekkers departs February 7th, 2018 on our Costa Rica Photo Tour ... we would like to invite you to follow our blog and we photograph and explore this very colourful region of Central America. On our Costa Rica trek we will experience the mountain regions and travel to the wetlands. Check back each day through to February 16th as we share images and stories from our tour and as with all trips please don't forget to leave a comment or two, we love to hear from you as we travel.

Feb 14 2018 Costa Rica Day 7 Sky Bridges, Humming Birds & the Quetzal

Feb 12 & 13 Costa Rica Blog Day 5 & 6 Macaws, Mountains and Zip Lining

Feb 11 2018 Costa Rica Blog Day 4 Birds, Monkeys, Cooking & More

Feb 10 2018 Costa Rica Blog Day 3 Wetlands of Cano Negro

Feb 9 2018  Costa Rica Blog Day 2 Sarchi & on to Cano Negro

Feb 8 2018  Costa Rica Blog Day 1 San Jose & Rain Forest


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Posted by Jerry C on Feb 7th, 2018

Have a great trip folks and enjoy the days without needing snow boots.. Very much looking forward to seeing your photos and following along on your trip. Travel safely and have fun.
Jerry C 

Posted by Linda and Dave Feick on Feb 7th, 2018

Looks like a good day to head to Costa Rica everyone! Can’t wait to see your amazing, warm photos! 
Have a wonderful time.
Linda and Dave 

Posted by Nancy Anne on Feb 7th, 2018

Have a great time and please bring some sun and warm weather back with you. 

Posted by Gail Steer on Feb 7th, 2018

Enjoy your trip! 
Looking forward to seeing your pics! 
Gail and Bob 

Posted by Chris Gillespie on Feb 7th, 2018

Have a great trip James..looking forward to seeing all the great captures 

Posted by nikky mutiger on Feb 8th, 2018

Hope you got out of the airport in Toronto in good time yesterday - it was nasty out there! Have a wonderful trip! Judy, I’m looking forward to your pictures and will be checking you out on James’ ct39KF blog! 

Posted by Ruth Ann on Feb 16th, 2018

What a wonderful trip. Enjoying seeing the birds.

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