November 3rd, 2017

Photo Tour Trekkers departs this afternoon for our next photo adventure, this time traveling to Machu Picchu in Peru. We will be flying to Lima then an overnight stay and take our connecting flight to Cusco and on to Sacred Valley were we will start our trek to Machu Picchu. Check back each day as we post photos and stories of our Peru journey. Don't forget to leave a comment or two as we love to hear from home as we travel.

Nov 8 & 9 Blog Post: Last Days in Peru - Cusco and Lima

Nov 7 Blog Post: Sun Gate Machu Picchu

Nov 6 Blog Post: Our First Day at Machu Picchu

Nov 5 Blog Post: School Visit, Moray Crop Fields & Salt Flats

Nov 4 Blog Post: First Day in Sacred Valley, Peru


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Posted by Paul Rankin on Nov 3rd, 2017

Have a great trip. I'm looking forward to your blog. 

Posted by Brian on Nov 3rd, 2017

Enjoy, can't wait to see your pics. Keep an eye on Ray. 

Posted by Jerry on Nov 3rd, 2017

Have a great trip folks, we are anxious to see your photographs and follow along with the blog. Safe travels everyone. 

Posted by Andrew Campbell on Nov 3rd, 2017

Enjoy - it is a fantastic trip! 

Posted by Michelle Rondeau on Nov 3rd, 2017

I'll be with you in spirits (smile) 

Posted by Lisa Simard on Nov 3rd, 2017

Looking forward to see all your fantastic photos 

Posted by Gord on Nov 3rd, 2017

Trek on !!!! hardley wait for some photo.s 

Posted by Denise on Nov 3rd, 2017

Safe travels! Looking forward to seeing pictures. :) 

Posted by shieda sadeghi on Nov 12th, 2017

Have a fantastic trip and looking forward to seeing your pictures.

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