We woud like to invite you to join us for a photo adventure of a life time as we explore Antarctica February 20th to March 6th, 2020. Trekkers departs tomorrow with our group of photographers. First we fly to Buenos Aires then the following day a flight to Ushuaia to board our ship the Midnatsol to sail to Antarctica. Check back each day as we travel as we will be blogging from our ship as we travel.

"Antarctica, the southernmost continent & the South Pole" Lying around the South Pole, Antarctica the name that means opposite to the Arctic is the southernmost continent. Covering 14.2 million square kilometers and containing approximately 29 million cubic kilometers of ice. This represents about 90 percent of the world’s totalamount of ice. Average thickness is about 2.45 km (1.5 miles).

And as always don't forget to leave a comment or two, we love to hear from home as we travel.

Antarctia Blog Mar 01, 2020 - March 01, 2020 - Rongè Island and George Point 

Antarctia Blog Feb 29th 2020 - Charlotte Bay and Portal Point

Antarctica Blog Feb 28th, 2020 - Lemaire Channel - Yalour Islands and Petermann Island

Antarctica Blog Feb 27th, 2020 - Gonzalez Videla and more penguins

Antarctica Blog Feb 26th, 2020 Damoy Point and Port Lockery

Antarctica Blog Feb 25th, 2020 Errera Channel and Danco Island

Antarctica Blog Feb 22, 23, 24, 2020 Our journey to Antarctica

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