February 29th, 2020 - Charlotte Bay & Portal Point - 6 days of blog, 10 days into our tour.

We started today by sailing into Charlotte Bay, what a place. Snow falls that reminded you that were in Antarctica, Icebergs, and many sightings of whales. This  morning we went cruised around the bay with the zodiacs, this was a great opportunity to get up close to the iceburgs and the whales. I would be safe to say everyone of our photographers went home with whale tales. Wow it was that kind of morning. The expidition crew selected Portal Point for the afternoon and our second mainland landing. What most folks don't realize about an Antarctica itinerary it is set based on the conditions each day presents. The captain and the expidition crew work together to decided on safe passage and suitable landing points. So plans can change, but then again with landscapes Antarctica has to offer it never dissapoints.

As we went into the afternoon, the weather closed in on us and at some points there was heavy snow. The expidition crew found safe landing and we landed on Portal Point. The reward of the afternoon was the spotting of a killer whale keeping an eye on some seals close to shore. This evening during dinner we enjoyed a show of ice and whales as we sailed out of Charlotte Bay. After dinner we enjoyed story telling by one of the ships expidition crew about early exploation to Antarctica. Tomorrow we will be sailing to our final destination of our excursion to Rongè Island and George Point. Enjoy todays selection of images.

February 29th, 2020 - Gallery of Charlotte Bay and Portal Port

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