Wetlands, Howler Monkeys and Camens' February 9th, 2019

We awoke to a bright sunny and warm morning on our first full-day in Cano Negro, Costa Rica.  The morning was our first exploration of the Cano Negro Wildlife Refuge.  Within minutes we realized what a special place we were ready to discover.  Within minutes of reaching the riverbank, we were surrounded by wildlife and activity.  Four Caimans (related to the alligator and crocodile) were within reach of our lenses.  Exotic birds were flying all around us, and the locals, riding horses, herding cattle, fishing and going about their daily activities added to the cultural experience.

We spent the morning hiking around the lowlands marshes, forest and waters of the Wildlife Refuge.  A Howler Monkey was making its loud call near the river and was spotted about 40 feet off the ground.  Our meals including today’s lunch have been in locations with plenty of bird activity.  The gardens outside of our lunch restaurant was teaming with bird activity. 

After a short relaxing meal and break time, at our Nature log we boarded a tour boat to explore further up river from Cano Negro and to catch the sunset on the river.   Sightings of wildlife was nearly constant, with all sorts of creatures being photographed from the unique perspective from the river.  We were amazed at the volume of creatures, including one area that had close to 30 young Caimans floating next to your boat.  

The sunset on the river was spectacular, and even after sunset the spectacle continued.  While on our way back down the river we faced a tree completely covered with hundreds Ibis and other birds, roosting for the night. 

We are anxious to continue the exploration of this region again tomorrow.

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