Friday October 8, 2021 Kenya and Tazaniz Day 2 Masai Mara                                            Goway Bird

We have now travelled from Nairobi to Masai Mara National Park arriving into our lodge for 1:30 lunch. After lunch we had some time to settle to the lodge and get our cameras ready for our first afternoon game drive. This Goway bird greeted our jeeps as we began our safari.  We were fortunate for our first drive to see a pair of gartalon eagles, giraffes, wildebeest, elephants and a lion on the hunt. 

Tomorrow we have arranged picnic lunches and will spend the entire day out on safari travelling deep into the 3,600 square mile national park. This will be a great day of photography

Below are a few more images from this evenings game drive. 


On the run, this young buck was having fun chasing a couple females, catch me if you can.


Mother elephant and her baby at a watering hole.


Lioness watching some prey this evening jsut before we left the park.


Heading home ... good night from the Masi Mara. More photograhy tomorrow.

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