Kenya and Tanzania Blog Day 3                                                  Bee Eater keeping a watchful eye on his catch

This is our first full day in the Masai Mara and it was a pretty amazing day for images. With picnic lunches packed we headed for the south end of the game reserve. The rewards were colourful birds, and pleanty of wildlife including cheetahs, lions, leopards,elephants and giraffe. 

The leopard was an interesting find lazing on a tree banch with no intent to go anywhere soon. We also came across the five brothers which a group of cheetahs brothers that hunt has a pack. I have been lucky to chatch up to them 4 times since we first observed them has cubs. The five brothers are currenly four brothers as the longest cub fund a girlfriend and did not share her with this brothers. For this they beat him out (actually almost killed him) and tossed him out of the pack. Today we caught up to the four brothers. Also I might add it is very rare for cheethas to hunt in a pack.

Enjoy a few photos from todays game drives.


Leopard relaxing in the afternoon heat.


Securtary bird keeping an watchfull eye out for snakes.


This eland was looking great with the morning light.


Vulters landing to share the food.


This lion dropped in front of one of our jeeps to enjoy the shade, Erla taking a shot.


Eagle with the wind at his back.


Now the four brothers, enjoying the shade.


Antoher shot of the brothers.


Male lion keeping a watchful eye.


A very cooperative wort hog.


This Masai giraffe checking out our photogphers.


The last image of the evening elephent relections. 

That's it for todays updates, we will have another full day tommorw including our sunrise hot air balloon safari. Good night from all the Trekkers photographers in Kenya.

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